It’s a Beautiful Day

I may have mentioned that I’ve never been much of a makeup girl. There are two types, in my mind: Ones that can apply makeup, and ones that cannot. And since I cannot, and don’t want to *look* like a girl who cannot, I tread very lightly on the face paint side of things. It’s a lot for me to cover my ENTIRE face in Bare Escentuals makeup instead of just dotting it on my red marks, and to wear SHEER LIPSTICK and BLUSH, people. Blush. That’s a super big, like, “I have a job interview” kind of a day. We recently went to a black tie wedding and I wore red lipstick, and Mr. Ladyfingers was a little surprised — he had a hard time looking for a few minutes. So bright!

So. Me and makeup = not really buddies. Sadly, I do have to wear it for the wedding, or else things won’t be pretty. Literally. I started gathering as much inspiration as possible, trying to stay within my coloring – which is a little difficult, since I have fair skin with some pink and some yellow undertones. First, one of my very favorite looks for myself.

Photo by Shorts Shots Photography

Now imagine that amped up a bit, mostly in the eye area (also, without glasses).

Image via Rosie Parsons Photography

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Robert Rios Photography

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Beauty for Ashes Photography

As for hair, here’s the big problem of the day: the length. My hair is curly and just above the shoulder — straightened it would probably fall just beneath my shoulders at this point. I have lots and lots of hair but it’s very fine, so when it gets to the stage it is right now, it tends to grow down and OUT, turning into somewhat of a rotund bush shape. So I’m still getting trims and shaping cuts while hoping and praying my hair is still long enough to pull off the style I’m shooting for. All I can say is I’m sick of a limited repertoire of hairstyles that make me look like a 6th grader growing out her bangs. I’m probably getting this crap chopped off post-wedding.

Anyway! Here are my top hair inspiration photos:

Image via InStyle/Credit: Jon Kopaloff

Image via Vintage Amethyst/Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Image via Cap Classique

I love the low side bun look, slightly tousled, but I’ve also uncovered a crop of braided updos recently that make my heart hurt a little. So the look of the day will be carefree, fresh, classic, a bit undone.

What’s your wedding day beauty inspiration?


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