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Friday Five: A Bashful Return

First, how embarrassed am I that it’s been at least a couple of weeks since I last updated the blog? So much has happened in just a few weeks, but I promise I’m going to try my darndest to update more frequently. For starters, we painted our living room — finally. Some of my lack of posting has just been due to a lack of projects and progress to post about. But mostly, it’s been distractions. So, my apologies.

Now, back to the Friday Five (a week where I finally pinned enough at my regular volume to write one!)

1. This recipe from The Kitchn

I love pizza. I love thin, crispy, flavorful pizza. While not exactly a pizza, this Three Cheese Tomato Tart is about as close as you can get, and it looks amazing. Ripe tomatoes? Puff pastry? Cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan? And while this is a slight cheat — a recipe that was originally posted last August and included in a recent collection of summer vegetable recipes — it made my mouth water this week.

Image via The Kitchn

2. The tiles in this Mykonos hotel

The San Giorgio hotel looks like the perfect background to a cozy, peaceful, lazy vacation. These tile floors are amazing, whether in the bathroom or the bedroom.

Image from Design Hotels, via Style Files

3. The wall color in this Denver bungalow

It’s Scotch Lassie by BEHR, and it’s delicious, especially with all those white and blue accessories.

Image via Apartment Therapy

4. This painting by Canadian artist Mirjana Gotovac

Since we finally painted our living room, I’ve been on an art kick. With a bigger house than before comes more walls, and the need for more art. I’m especially fond of paintings. I bought one this week — my first, what an adult I am! — which I’ll showcase next week. But I really loved this original oil painting done with a palette knife — it looks like poppies on a spring day. Or maybe balloons.

Image via Etsy, seller mgotovac

5. The eclectic vintage style of this nursery

I love the whole vintage cottage chic shabby look, but I’m not brave or dedicated enough to pull it off throughout my whole house. Um, I’m also married. To a man. So I don’t think it would fly anyway. But how darling is this commitment in a little girl’s room? Between the crib netting (sure, a dust-attractor, but looks great in this photo), the unexpected wall art, the little Marakesh-style lounging area in the corner and the quaint green dresser, this photo is totally swoon-worthy. I totally want to be kiddie BFFs with the little Miss who lives there.

Image via Apartment Therapy

This weekend, I was originally supposed to hang out with a friend, but she came up with unexpected family plans. So I expect lots of random lounging, and perhaps some picture hanging. What are you doing this weekend?

Friday Five: The Longest Short Week Ever

I usually love three-day weekends, not only for the three-day-weekend-ness of them, but for the short week that follows. But this week — yeesh! It seemed like the longest week ever. I was already thinking it was Friday on Wednesday. Now, I’m so glad to be facing the weekend, although tomorrow we have a mess of chores to do. But tomorrow night there’s a fun party, and then our friends are coming to visit the new house on Sunday. What are your weekend plans?

This Friday Five is in celebration of Friday *finallyyy* being here.

1. This article on the essentials of effortless style.

You know those homes where everything just seems natural? Even the mess is natural. Everything has a place and looks great and like it was curated with just the best eyes ever. I rarely feel like our home achieves that — maybe it’s because we’re still building it into a home, selecting accessories and paint colors, and being super selective because we know we want to be able to live with it. But I loved this article from Apartment Therapy about creating an environment of casual comfort. I especially like this passage:

“You don’t need to be a world traveler with five hundred dhurries or live in one house for a thousand years to break it in and make it great, but you do need to spend some time thinking about your personal style. As you realize and develop your own style, items will start jumping out at you, and sometimes they may be from places as exciting as a big box store.”

Tips include mixing rustic and refined, layering textiles, mixing in personal artwork, and displaying inspiration. Read the article for a more in-depth discussion.

(Image originally from Adir & Marcello’s Worldly Retreat via Apartment Therapy)

2. This simple necklace from Leif.

I don’t own a lot of jewelry, but what I do own, I wear over and over again. I’m picky about rings — my wedding ring is the only one I’ll wear — and fussy about bracelets — they get in my way at work while typing. My ears aren’t pierced, either (three tries and I gave up). So necklaces are where I focus my efforts. I love pieces like these that can be worn over and over with a million different colors and outfits, and always feel fresh. I’d probably buy a new chain, though, because gold plate irritates my skin.

3. This living room by Calgary interior designer Nyla Free.

Listen, I pin a LOT of stuff throughout the week. Sometimes it’s so I can remember which rugs I obsessively unearthed on my lunch break so I can present them to my husband later. Sometimes it’s because I like a painting on a wall, or the way a blanket is layered over a sofa, or the floors of a room. Usually, I don’t even say anything about them — I just credit and go. Every once in a while, though, I see something like this shot above, by interior designer Nyla Free, and I just go, “Whoa.” It’s those moments where everything is perfect — the windows and the view outside of them, that giant tree inside, the floor lamp, the carpet, the way the awesome couch is angled in the room, and the white brightness of everything weighed down with all that plum and black in the middle. I would make whoever lived here my best friend. Or maybe just Nyla herself.

(Image courtesy of Nyla Free Designs, photgraphed by Martin Tessler Photography, via desiretoinspire)

4. These Jonathan Adler coasters.

At our last place, I needed a little table where I could set my laptop when I wasn’t using it, because I was sick of leaving it on the couch. I found this little vintage typewriter table at a consignment store for a steal, and it sat in a corner for a couple of years holding not much more than the laptop (sometimes) and a huge box of baseball cards my husband bought at an antique mall and refuses to get rid of even though they’re not worth a thing. Then, we moved, and seriously our first day there, I set my fountain soda on the wooden top of the typewriter table and left it there for a bit too long. Cue drink ring.

So I’ve been looking for some awesome coasters, and I think these might fit the bill. I like a little quirk, and since we don’t have much, the high-fired, glossy porcelain coasters would really do the trick. I especially like the vintage men’s swimming trunks on Acapulco. “Mad Men,” anybody?

5. This weird office.

Dude. There’s a painting of a dog, and antlers, and an antique poster of ducks, and some really strange artifacts that look like skeletons under a couple of cloches. Not to mention the animal skin rug, the saddle, the horn, and the riding boots. And right in the middle of it all, there’s this laptop. Whoever lives here, I’m simultaneously drawn to and terrified of them.

(Image from skona hem, via greige)