Overwhelmed by Overwhelming Things

We’re meeting with our caterer tomorrow, and while I’m super excited, I’m also kind of dreading it a little. One of the things we LOVE about our caterer is that we’re essentially getting a caterer and a wedding coordinator for less than the price of either. And please, please don’t consider me ungrateful. I am so happy to be surrounded by people who have been through this, either as vendors or married couples themselves, and who can ask me about the countless details I haven’t yet though of.

I love planning this wedding. I love reading wedding blogs. I love telling people about the little projects I’ve taken on, and I love doing them.

BUT. I feel like there are so many details sometimes that it’s overwhelming. We had our first planning meeting with the caterer about three months ago, and we had a lot of holes on our planning sheet. What color napkins? Folded or rolled? What color tablecloths? White or off-white? And how off-white? How many bottles per centerpiece? Is the yellow more marigold or lemon yellow – or in between? How many cupcake stands? Are we doing a bouquet toss? And are we tossing the actual bouquet, or one made just for that purpose? What are guests throwing at us as we leave? Rose petals? What color?

You get the idea. I feel bad when I say I don’t know, and worse when I ask people just to fill in the blanks for me. “I don’t know… what do you think?” It makes me feel indecisive and flaky, even though we’ve been everything but.

Our meeting tomorrow is a honker – 2 hours with the catering company owner, to go over every single little detail, vendor, schedule, color… everything. I just don’t know that I can answer 15 minutes’ worth of questions regarding the wedding right now, much less 2 hours. And I also feel weird not knowing precisely what I want to do about everything, because I feel as if I’m wasting our vendors’ time.

I’m sure it will be fabulous, and while Mr. Ladyfingers may want to blow his brains out, and perhaps I will too a little, we’ll both feel so relieved to have these decisions made after tomorrow. We haven’t changed our minds about much (though I’ve certainly *thought* about changing my mind about lots of stuff!) so I’m confident this will be a big huge checkmark. And then after the meeting, we’re staying down there to explore, perhaps get some beach time, and eat a nice dinner somewhere we’ve never been.

Did you dread meeting with certain vendors? Did you hate all the questions? Did you feel indecisive – and if so, how did you get over this?


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