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Our house – shaping up!

Now that we’ve finally had people over, I was able to get the house in order – at least more so than it was – and get some pictures up! This isย  a basic shot of our living room – built-ins original to the house, IKEA Lack Tables off Craigslist, IKEA Ektorp sofa (since my couch kind of fell apart while we were moving), IKEA Expedit bookcase, IKEA Orgel floor lamp… uh, yeah you get the point. I’m planning a green area rug here.

My grandparents’ wedding photo, photos collected over the years from magazines in thrift store frames, a few record albums, a thrift store bowl, a little baby shower party favor candle.

CD covers cut down to size slightly in $1 bin Target frames, ION record player (just need speakers), years-old Target lamp, shell from our back alley, my Valentine’s Day gift this year to J, a lantern my friend A picked up for me at a thrift store, spray painted white.

I bought this rusted-out magazine rack at a flea market in Oldsmar about three or four years ago and spray painted it white. It so far has gone well with every decor – even now in this cute 1950s rancher!

Gold thrifted mirror spray painted white, necklace from The Grass Root restaurant (the owner travels and knows artisans all over, so has a little shop set up along one wall), a thrifted vintage candy jar, one of J’s favorite pieces of wall art ๐Ÿ™‚ – all atop a TV stand that our friends were throwing out to make more space for their soon-to-be daughter!

A close-up of the wall above our television. This wall is mostly secondhand art and vintage greeting cards. The clock was a Goodwill find. The haunting painting of the girl I bought at an antique mall in Palmetto.

Our dining room ๐Ÿ™‚ All the wall colors came this way, by the way! I bought the dining room table for $30 off Craigslist – it has a leaf to extend it and came with an oak top, maple legs, and veneer apron, so I stained the top Jacobean and painted the legs and apron white. It’s the same white paint as is on the chairs, boring pine chairs I bought off a college student for about $20 for four. I covered the seats with fabric from IKEA.

I love our built-in dining room hutch – and particularly love this shelf. Target vase, thrifted bird knock knack and silver coin bank, dishes from my grandmother, carved hearts – J’s 1st anniversary present to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Part of our office/front room. We think this was a lanai or car port at one point that became attached to the house. The rest isn’t much to look at – just mud room space and computer wires – but this hanging is one of J’s favorite things! The bookcase is from Target. There used to be two, but one was damaged in moving. Once I find a good drafting table on Craigslist, I’d like to partially use this as my drawing/project roomย  also ๐Ÿ™‚

A little array of collected boxes we use for office storage – push pins, binder clips, paper clips. The top left box I recently found at a rummage sale for 25 cents. The top right my friend E brought me from India years ago, and the bottom dish came fromย  a small secondhand store in Ybor.

I tend to get a lot of compliments on this! This chair used to be my grandmothers and was all chipped wood. I painted it turquoise and covered the gross vinyl seat with a thrifted scarf and clear PVC. I kind of like how the paint has worn and chipped in the years since I painted it (I didn’t exactly varnish or seal it – but I think it’s charming :))

A little nook in our hallway, filled with an antique deacon’s bench my parents bought about 20 years ago from a dealer in Tulsa, and the guitar I haven’t picked up in about a year.

Another of my favorite areas of the house. This shelf was there – I picked up the owl embroidery at a Clearwater resale shop. The candy dish was my grandfather’s. The vase is thrifted, and I bought the fake berry sprig at Michael’s. I just bought the blue painting at a Salvation Army down the street for $5.99!

The Target Dwell studio bath mat in our 1950s bathroom with 1980s brass fixtures. Urgh. But it’s got a cute window in the shower – bonus light!

My dad’s fiancee gave us this dresser, along with a taller one, when she moved out of her house. This was her parent’s wedding set! It’s solid wood – such a score and free! She started to paint it, but I’ll just strip that off soon enough and shouldn’t have to stain it over. Justย  a little sealing should work. The mirror came with it and rather than hang it I just leaned it up.

A little close up – some sweet smelling candles from Target, a little kitchen dish from Target that holds my rings and little bracelets, and a thrifted vintage leaf bowl that holds my obviously growing bangle collection.

And our bed shot! Not very well styled, but the green blanket is there to protect the white Target comforter (a knock off of one of my favorite West Elm pieces of all time) from our black-and-white cat, who loves to lay on the bed. The bedside tables were acquired at separate times from secondhand stores and painted with the same turquoise paint I used on the living room chair. Note how my side is pretty spotless – a lamp, alarm clock, some books on the bottom shelf – and how the other side is J’s ๐Ÿ™‚ Just bought the rug at IKEA for like $30.

So that’s most of our house! There’s a guest bedroom that’s holding items we haven’t found a home for yet, but once we buy a bigger bed, we’ll be moving the current into that room and working on getting that in order. We were preparing for a housewarming bbq when I took these shots, so there’s nothing of the kitchen, and it was dark out so nothing of the yard. Maybe later!

Great Wall Ideas from Homes and Gardens

As I move toward the “putting stuff on walls” phase of our rental home nesting, I’m noticing more and more the creative use of wall space and how others curate beautiful arrangements on walls – and not just of artwork! So imagine my delight when my Homes and Gardens e-newsletter this morning included an article about wall inspiration. Here are some of my very favorites:

Love the patterned fabric on the walls and the nook-ish space created by the angles.

The literature quote on the wall is a great touch, and I really like the way the sofa intersects it from certain angles… it really makes things interesting for me.

I’ve seen plate collections on the wall several times, but never wooden platters and I loooooove this because I’ve been dramatically into wooden accessories lately.

Just a beautiful combination of textures and colors

Wow… just… my two favorite things: birds and collages. In 3D to boot. Lovely!

The texture on this blue paint kills me. I guess it’s more the combo of colors here – orange, blue, white white – that I love, and the Mediterranean feel of the rounded wall cutout.

This is a great, unique way to hang artwork – from the molding.

Found a new vase

Had to paint a still life for class, and while I was using my bright orange vase for the setup, I needed to find a temporary home for the mums I’d bought on Friday. Looks like the lidless glass jar I bought at a rummage sale for 50 cents a few weekends ago will be more like the flowers’ permanent home!

Sunday favorites: Tumblr edition

Seems all my favorites from the week are from Tumblr… probably because I added about 15 Tumblrs to my feed reader recently ๐Ÿ™‚

Pretty Stuff via paonote_room269

mi casa es su casa

Me and Alice via paonote_room 269

Home Sweet Home

Design is My Muse

Design is My Muse

Apartment Dreams

Split Pea Vintage Blog via Home Sweet Home

Friday buys and barbecue preparations

So we’re having people over next weekend for a pre-Memorial Day housewarming barbecue. Of course, that means I want everything JUSTPERFECT for when people come over. I really need to let go – but I at least want to get the art on the walls, even though I do realize it has no bearing on the fun level. It’s for me. It’ll make me feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

So we went to Sears and bought a 5-foot folding table for the back yard since we have, well … NO furniture for our new yard. My dad’s fiancee incredibly is giving us her grill since they won’t have room for it at his condo, and we have maybe four chairs the owner left us, but nothing else. And on a budget, I couldn’t exactly get the types of tables I wanted. I am, however, on the verge of buying this goodie off Etsy for the tabletop

I just don’t know yet if I want to pay the $38 plus shipping for it, but man it’s perfect! I know I want a vintage tablecloth, I just can’t seem to find anything long enough for this table.

I also made J take me by Target for the bath mat I’ve been coveting. Similar to my striking out on long-enough vintage tablecloths, I can’t seem to find black and white bathmats that suit my fancy. Our 1950s house also has a 1950s bathroom, complete with yellow bath tile with a black border. I loved this at Target, and even though the reviews say washing it is a disaster, I just had to give it a try – and it looks lovely in our bathroom! Even if J did want to just buy a towel at Wal-Mart ๐Ÿ˜‰

A pretty fruitful day all in all. Now I just need to obsess a little more about my outdoor decorations. Living with me must be a trial.

Wonderful bedrooms from Ideal Home

I spent about… way too long on the Ideal Home bedroom ideas. Oh, Brits! You are so stylish and have so many amazing things, like birdcage mirrors. (OK, maybe they’re not really more stylish than Americans. But sometimes, those from other countries approach design and decor with a little something different, and it’s such a fresh perspective!).

Here are some of my favorite bedrooms from their 123 inspirational ideas.

Favorites: IKEA Family Live

What a nutty week! A power surge knocked out our Internet, work has been a hot mess, and this back-to-back nights in class for six hours each night is leaving me exhausted! Creatively stimulated and proud, but exhausted.

I did have a chance to do some light surfing at work, though. You may have heard of the beta IKEA Family Live site, a Web version of the printed publication published four times each year. They also have a great Flickr group, which I stumbled upon. Here are a few of my favorites.

i l’aria

Nifty Loves Crafting

ivy_style 33

Saidos de Concha

Flickr faves: i l’aria

These photos from i l’aria’s Flickr stream showed up in my Interior Design group today, and I just love the colors and the woods and the lines and everything about them! Totally cheered me up.


What we did this weekend

Put up our bookcase…

Made strawberry pancakes

J took this picture post-grocery shopping. Tee-hee!

Sick days and favorites

Ugh. Been under the weather this weekend, and took a sick day today from work to deal with the exhaustion and sore throat – or rather, not to deal with it. Here, then, is an abbreviated list of my favorite images from the past week.

House of Turquoise

House of Turquoise

Apartment Therapy