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New shopping scores

Ah, I vowed I would start again with my more regular posting! But I have been so, so busy. With the dog, finishing up the last week of my school term (got two A’s!!), work, my new pet projects, and everything else…  ugh. But! Being busy also means I have been checking out some new thrift stores to help me with said pet projects! We also just snagged a hand-me-down king-sized freakin’ bed! So that means the full size finally goes into the guest bedroom, which of course means I can finally pull together the guest bedroom!

So, without further ado…

First, our new tea cart! I found this at the St. Vincent dePaul Thrift Store in Clearwater, and it was pretty chippy with dirty white paint over red enamel. I cleaned up the chrome, sprayed it with Grass Green Valspar gloss spray paint, and voila! More storage for overflow from our slightly teeny kitchen.

Picked this baby up at an antique mall down the road over the July 4th weekend, for 50% off, making it only 6 bucks! I have big plans for this one 🙂

Random 49-cent Goodwill find. I have this thing for tiny mirrors, tiny frames, tiny boxes lately.

OK, now for the total unbridled excitement. I was walking the dog last Saturday morning (and you can see her in the picture if you look), and two doors down there was an estate sale! I quickly took her around the block a couple of times, dropped her off, and swung by. This place was a GOLDmine! This beaut was 3 bucks. And everything else in this post came from that little house!

They had like a bajillion vintage books of all shapes and sizes.

This will be going to a certain friend of mine…

But this jewelry box is mine, all mine.

I bought up every doily they had there.

Holy moly, I am TOTALLY excited about these! There were 9 music books from the 70s, and the covers were all sooo awesome. I have a serious idea for these!

Are these not great??

Dog Parks and Consignment Shops

I have missed you so!

Here’s part of the reason for my month-plus-long absence:

Our 1-and-a-half-year-old Shar-Pei/possibly Ridgeback mix, Rosie. We adopted her from the SPCA a couple of weeks ago and she is a doll!

Now, some recent finds! Because I have indeed been busy shopping and planning…