Friday Five: Patio and Porch

OK, let’s get serious here. Why is patio furniture so expensive? And why is it so hard for us to find something reasonable and cute on Craigslist that doesn’t sell out in .25671 minutes?

The front of our house is notably bare. It came as a blank slate, with absolutely no landscaping save for some weeds and butterfly plants in a built-in planting bed. Which would be a dream for people who know what they’re doing with outdoor spaces — and a nightmare for people like me.

Is it really that difficult to find a couple of cute wicker chairs with maybe an ottoman and a side table and cushions that aren’t made out of my grandmother’s living room sofa fabric, for under $100? And then maybe a wooden table and some non-plastic chairs that look decent and not like I bought them at Walmart, for under $300? Yes? OK.

Which is why I’m obsessively stalking the Internet lately for patio and porch setup photos. Partially to inspire myself. Partially to torment myself. Partially to beckon the gods to bring me forth goods and furniture.

Some of my favorites this week:

1. This lush outdoor setup from House Beautiful

This is pretty much the kind of thing I’d never be able to pull off — a mix of patterns, various furniture culled from probably exotic and insider sources, and lush foliage. Plus, perfect weather.

Via The Style Files

2. The back porch from this Icelandic house tour

There’s a lot to love about Icelandic home decor. This is exhibit A. Photographed by Gunnar Sverrisson and designed by Halla Bara Gestsdottir and featured in their magazine Home & Delicious. Delicious, indeed.

Via Desire to Inspire

3. This homey indoor setup

A porch swing? Wicker? String lights? An adorable pup? Yes, please. Photographed by William Waldron.

Via Desire to Inspire

4. This amazeballs porch from this amazeballs house tour

And I never say “amazeballs.” But I mean, really. Image by Bethany Nauert.

Via Apartment Therapy

5. The classic cottage porch at this stylist’s home

Cute upholstery, rustic wood, plenty of foliage and pops of color. Give me some lemonade and a good book and I’m napping here. Photo by Andrew Grinton.

Via Canadian House & Home

So gods, are ye appeased? Bring me something good today — the weather’s about to turn nice in this tropical hellh0le, and mama wants to hang some wind chimes and let the breeze blow through her hair.


One thought on “Friday Five: Patio and Porch

  1. Dani says:

    Two and four speak to me.

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