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Etsy Mondays: Amy Alexander Designs

We all know how much I love the collage-y statement jewelry trend. Well, at least, we should — remember my wedding bracelet from Etsy seller Tatty Chic?


Which, by the way, I had given one of my bridesmaids to hold in her purse that night, and just finally got back from her TWO MONTHS ago. And I see her ALL THE TIME.

Well, I wanted to talk about Amy Alexander Designs for my first Etsy Monday, because her pieces are so amazing. If I were getting married now, instead of two years ago, I would totally be buying up everything in her shop.

Antique Bronze Flower Pocket Watch Necklace Jewelry by Amy Alexander Designs

Shop owner Rebecca Harris uses both new and vintage components in her creations, like this pocket watch necklace made from a filigreed clock pendant, white enamel and metal flowers, a pink glass rhinestone, and a brass chain.

Gold Bracelet, Wedding Bracelet, Bridal Jewelry, Beaded Cuff, Wedding Accessories by Amy Alexander Designs

I think if this were my listing, I’d call it “The Amazeballs Bracelet.” Handcrafted by a golden-toned double-layer butterfly with glass rhinestone detail, a metal emerald green rose, green resin flowers, a white-and-gold Swarovski rhinestone flower, gold-plated leaf and flower embellishments, and a white enamel flower with a rhinestone center.

Wedding Brooch Bridal Pin Bridal Broach Wedding Broach Gold Jewelry by Amy Alexander Designs

Her pieces would work equally well for a vintage or modern wedding. I was always looking for one-of-a-kind items like this to give my bridal style a unique edge. This brooch is handcrafted from a pastel green resin rose, vintage opal, wildflower with gold-toned trim, and gold-plated leaves.

Some more of her amazing creations (click on any image to be taken to its listing):

White Flower Bridal Hair Comb , Wedding Hair Piece , Crystal Rhinestone Wedding by Amy Alexander Designs Cuff Bracelet , Sage Green Beaded Bracelet , Wedding Cuff , Peacock Bracelet by Amy Alexander Designs Bridal Ring, Ivory Wedding Ring, Flower Jewelry by Amy Alexander Designs White Rose Wedding Earrings , Gold Plated Dangle Earrings , Turquoise and Topaz Bridal Accessories by Amy Alexander Designs

And by the way, Rebecca didn’t pay me in any way to rave about her jewelry — I just stumbled across her shop and had to give her a shoutout because her items are so unusual and sweet.

Check out Rebecca’s shop, Amy Alexander Designs, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for your bridal look, or just for your jewelry collection in general.


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Weekend Finds: The Gems That Didn’t Make the Cut

I got up early on Saturday to hit some estate sales, which I haven’t done for quite some time. The weather has been so hot and muggy, and some of the early sales were really disappointing — even depressing. I always get excited about a rummage sale, until I got to the church and realized I’d gone to this church’s rummage sale last year — and it was awful. This year wasn’t much better, but while out and about there, and later in the day while hitting a local antique mall with my friend Liz, a few items did catch my eye. Luckily, I had enough luck elsewhere that I ended up blowing my wad on some great pieces of artwork and a fantastic plant, so there wasn’t much left to go around. Still, I always like to snap the stuff that made my head turn.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you actually had a Jean, Melissa, Pam, Janet, Doc, and Liz in your family and you stumbled upon this find? What luck!

I love old photographs, but am long out of the phase where I buy them up as quickly as I can. Maybe someday if I ever get back to collage-land. For now, I liked this collection, particularly that natty gentleman in a bowtie on the left.

When Liz and I drove past this sale, this is what made me stop. What a glorious creature! To me, at first, his left ear looked like a unicorn horn. A UNITIGER?! Alas, it was just a matter of perspective. Also, a matter of $60. Yikes.

This Senorita caught my eye at the antique mall, as did her price — $8! I immediately texted a picture to my husband and called him, but he nixed it. I’d already bought an odd portrait painting earlier that day, and frankly, I did realize our house wasn’t meant for quite so much kitsch. So it was with heavy heart I had to let her go. 

This oddly specific guide for Aries 1979-Pisces 1980 actually caught my eye for a photo opp, but when the seller noticed me snapping a photo, he panicked and let me know it wasn’t for sale — he had set it aside for himself!

This wasn’t a thrifty find… I just couldn’t resist posting this amazingly adorable photo of Mister Mister and our pup giving him a big hug, during a Saturday afternoon nap sesh.

What thrifty finds have you had to let go recently?

All photos taken with my iPhone 4S.


Before and After: A Table (Finally) For Our Coffee

Over a year ago, I took a trip out to Mount Dora to visit the renowned Renninger’s Flea Market. It was pretty typical of these types of overblown things — lots of grimy tables full of rows and rows of salvaged and trash-picked junk that’s priced way too high for sensible matters, a bunch of booth featuring dollar-store-items, a few reasonably priced gold mines, and a really insane and ridiculous antique mall. It was a fun trip, and we did score some awesome items — including a good start to my wedding centerpiece collection.

I was also on the hunt for a proper coffee table. We had been using 3 IKEA Lack side tables, previously purchased secondhand off Craigslist, which were ultra convenient because you could pull one close to you but not the others, move them around easily for working out in the living room, scoot one over to the side of the sofa to hold a laptop, etc. But they weren’t exactly lookers.

Well, as luck would have it, I finally found us a kicker of a coffee table on my final pass through the flea market. It was only 20 bucks and had some sweet mid-C lines with a kind of weird and heavy-as-hell composite top. At first I figured the top would be kitschy. The wood frame definitely needed a little refinishing, but nothing too bad. I was so excited about my $20 find.

And then it sat in our garage until I finally did something with it two weeks before we were scheduled to move into our new house.

I abandoned the heavy, weird top and opted for a nice piece of glass, instead. So here she is: Carla, before.

And Carla, in all of her “after” glory.

I went for my typical, super-simple mid-C refinishing technique, same as our TV stand/credenza: Sand off the old finish and treat with 3 coats of Danish Oil in dark walnut. I used finishing wax on the credenza, but haven’t been super happy with how it’s worn, so I used water-based poly as a sealer instead — 2 coats instead of the recommended 3, just because I got lazy, and we had to move and all.

Oh, and bee-tee-double-u, my $10 estate sale chair.

I’m super happy with Carla, and I think she really likes it here, too. Have you tackled any long-overdue projects lately?