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Rolling Resolutions: Personal, Creative, and Professional Goals

I hate New Year’s resolutions.

Basically, I hate anything that sets me up for disappointment. And setting a list of goals to accomplish in the new year always sets me up for disappointment.

Sure, I’ll start off great. But then life gets in the way, and by December, instead of looking at everything the year has brought me and everything I have accomplished… all I can see are those unchecked items on my list.

So instead, I revise my ongoing list of goals to reflect what I would like to accomplish moving forward. If it gets done in 2014, great. If I even start it this year, wonderful. Sometimes, all I have to do is mull one of the items over sometime in the course of the year. Other times, circumstances change so that I can’t, or no longer need or want to, accomplish one or more of the items on the list.

And it makes for a nice little blog post at the beginning of the year.

There is one thing I like about tying these goals to a new year: The holidays often take precedence over any type of personal or career development I have in mind. Eating habits worsen. Exercise is laughable. So I can see the benefits of “starting fresh.” But I’m still not going to make myself finish an entire to-do list in one year.

So what’s on this “All-Year Resolutions” list?


Family photos

1. Be more present. One of the things I most regret about this past year, and probably all years, is not being present — but especially because this year brought us the greatest gift ever, our son. I do believe I have been more present, positive, and optimistic this year because of him. But there were also great swaths of time where I was too focused on meaningless details that, in the grand scheme of things, didn’t really matter, and I had no control over anyway. For instance, baby sleep.


My God, how obsessed I was about baby sleep. I logged every minute he spent with eyes closed in an app, built spreadsheets to try to determine his sleep patterns for optimal nap scheduling, endlessly researched baby sleep, and generally fretted over every little thing. I worried about why he wasn’t sleeping in the crib at 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, three months, four months, five. I dramatically sighed and rolled my eyes and succumbed to despair every single time he made a peep after we believed he had finally — FINALLY — fallen asleep.

The fact is, our kid has never been a stellar napper. And for a long time, he sucked at falling asleep. He was always a good nighttime sleeper — at least, he always slept appropriately for whatever age he was.

And then, at five months, when he learned to roll over, we were finally able to put him in the crib, because he could do what he couldn’t up until then: roll onto his tummy, in his favorite sleeping position, and fall asleep.

And he fell into his own natural schedule.

And sometimes he’s tired behind schedule. And sometimes he’s tired ahead of schedule.

And now we don’t really stress. Mainly because it’s become easier.

But I really wish I hadn’t spent all that time crazed over something that, for the most part, I couldn’t control.

Baby sleep, man. Shit’s nuts. Deal with it and try to stay sane.

That’s just one example, but in general, I would like to spend more time WITH my family — “with” meaning in body, mind, spirit, heart. Not half-listening to my husband, half playing Candy Crush Saga. Not too busy instagramming a great moment with my son that I miss a dozen other great moments. Not worrying about yesterday, tomorrow, and everything in between when I should be enjoying right now with my family.


1. Physical activity. The year we got married, I really upped my fitness regimen.

Okay, I started a fitness regimen. Because until then, there was nothing to up.

I’m not one of those people who thrives on the adrenaline I get from working out. I hate working out. Hate. It. But I love the results.

But we got married, and went on a honeymoon cruise, and had Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then we were TTC, then I was pregnant, then I was a busy new mom, then I was breastfeeding, then it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas… basically, a million and one excuses for letting things slide. And it’s not about looking great (though that’d be nice). But it’s about feeling great, and feeling healthy. So now that our breastfeeding relationship is nearing an end, I’d like to get back on the fitness bandwagon. Which ties in with my next personal goal…

2. Diet. Not as in, start a diet. But as in, watch my diet. As in, the things I eat.

Eat better.

Like, not having a handful (or two) of M&Ms for a mid-morning snack. Like, HAVING a mid-morning snack. Like, not eating three helpings of pie. And a bowl of ice cream. And a bag of Lemonheads.

3. Work on my book. Last year, I started writing a contemporary young adult novel. I got the first draft done, and then I took a break, and during that break, I started a side business and that has taken up the abundance of my “free time.” This year, I’d like to work on that first draft and see what happens.


1. Grow my web presence. One of my biggest goals for my side business was to start a website for Franny & Franky Designs, my new graphic design business — which I accomplished two days before the New Year. So now, in addition to having a Franny & Franky Designs storefront on Etsy, it has its own place on the web, as well. I like it.

Franny & Franky Designs website

I registered a domain with GoDaddy and used for the hosting. I opted for Wix’s unlimited package, which doesn’t have a shopping cart. That was just fine with me — I actually thought I would do an additional storefront here, but its cart was a little limited for what I wanted to do, and the idea of keeping up a storefront on Etsy and my own site gave me a headache. So I’m just linking to my Etsy shop from there.

There are a couple of things I love about having an additional website. First, it gives me a place to showcase my custom work, which I can’t do on Etsy. It also gives me another place on the internet to work my keywords, hopefully boosting my search engine ranking over time. It’s another way for people to find me. It allows me to tell more of a story than I tell on Etsy. And… well, it’s just fun.

2. Roll out a few new product lines for Franny & Franky Designs. I’ve already rolled out a few.  I’d like to work on more. The cool thing about creativity is that action begets ideas. In other words, the more stuff I work on, the more ideas I get.

family name wix

Franny & Franky Designs Wedding state guest book alternative art print


New York City road map heart art print at Franny & Franky Designs on Etsy

Custom Wedding City Road Map Guest Book alternative art print at Franny & Franky Designs on Etsy

Custom wedding city save the date postcard by Franny & Franky Designs on Etsy

You might notice a pattern — more wedding products. I really love the idea of many of my designs being used as wedding guest book art prints. You know, those guest book alternatives that replace the traditional guest book, where guests sign a large print that you can then frame and display in your home. I considered having one of these at our own wedding a couple of years back, but ultimately decided on a book. Now, I wish I’d had this idea back then so I could have had one of my own prints there!

At any rate, that leads me to my next goal for the business…

3. Expand my wedding business

I’ve already purchased a featured listing on, and we’ll see how that goes. I just wanted to start with one listing since I’m not super established yet and don’t have a huge marketing budget. It’s really a Catch-22. You need exposure to get big, but it’s hard to come by exposure when you’re just starting out. I’ve identified a few things I need to do, though, to start building this market, and I realize it’s going to come slowly since it is such a saturated market. For now, I’m reaching out to wedding planners (locally for the time being) to let them know about my products, contacting wedding bloggers and shopping sites, setting up as many free listings as possible, and working up a plan to incorporate more wedding decor content on this blog, on my Facebook page, on Twitter, etc. For example, I have a blog post planned on how to reuse wedding decor elements in your home to extend their life and give you a sweet reminder of the day.

4. Expand my business in general

I started this thing thinking, “I wonder if anybody will buy these.” Four months later, I’ve made over 100 sales, with minimal promotion. And without a business or marketing plan. So my goal this year is to develop a business plan and goals, achievements that I’ll need to reach to get closer to my goals, and steps to take to make those achievements. More on this in a later post.

You’ll notice that my professional area has more goals than family. But that’s not because the professional area is more important. It’s just because there are more actionable goals there. And, ultimately, I want to grow it to the point where I can work from home and be there for the kid’s after-school activities and whatnot.

So — what are your resolutions, goals, plans, hopes, dreams, whatever you choose to call them, for this year and beyond?

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A New Baby

I have an announcement to make!

Um, no. Not that kind of announcement.

THIS kind of announcement:

FrannyandFranky Etsy shop!


I’ve opened my own shop!

Because I don’t have enough to do in my spare time. You know, taking care of an 8-month-old boy, working full time, writing a book, and trying to spend time with my husband just leaves SO MUCH empty time for me to run a graphic design shop.

But I’m having the best time.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Back at my last job, when I was going through the darkest, “I hate this place” times, I talked to a friend of a friend about taking action and creating my own destiny. She asked me what, if time and money and everything else was not a factor, I would want to do. I toyed around with graphic design and started taking some online tutorials, but then ultimately decided on interior design.

You know, because looking at pretty blog pictures and rearranging my living room meant I should run my own interior design business.

So I went to night school, part time, while working at a horrible job. And after a year, I got a different job (my current job, which I’m totally not leaving anytime soon) and I took a semester off and I realized, hey, I don’t want to be an interior designer, I just don’t want to do what I was doing at my last job anymore.

The good thing about that year in school, though, despite the additional student loan debt that it racked up, was that it got me through the worst times at my previous job.

The other good thing is it showed me that I have more talents. More passions. And that if I want to do something, I should do it.

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve always wanted to get into graphic design. And you’d think having a baby would totally tank all those dreams. But instead, it’s somehow motivated me. Maybe I want to be a good example for my son. Maybe I need an identity aside from “mother.” Maybe he’s just inspiring me to create. Whatever it is, it’s a blast.

SO. What am I doing in this little shop of mine?

State heart maps

State map heart prints…

City map heart prints

City map heart prints…

State typography, slogan, and motto art prints

State typography art prints…

Wedding guest book alternative heart map from Franny & Franky Designs on Etsy

Custom wedding date and wedding guest book alternative art prints…

Typography art print from Franny & Franky Designs on Etsy

Typography prints.

Plus, I’m doing custom orders for specific cities, color combinations, and special holiday orders.

A few special deals:

  • If you like Franny & Franky Designs on Facebook and click on “My Etsy Shop” below the cover photo, you can purchase any of our prints from that portal and receive a 10% discount.
  • We also have several “print package” deals on our custom orders page — 2 prints for $25, 3 prints for $40, or 4 prints for $50.

So… what have you been up to?


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Friday Five: Moonmen and Scary Movies

Rough week, all in all. Part because of pregnancy pain, part because of my increasingly awful mood swings. But I’m glad it’s Friday — Mister Mister and I will be celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary tomorrow with a trip to one of of favorite restaurants back when he lived in an entirely different county than me, and the site of our wedding rehearsal dinner. So without further ado, let’s erase any lingering memories of this soon-to-be-gone week with some of my favorite pins from the week.

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1. This presidential branding project


Meg Jannott wanted to take on a personal project as a quick design study, so she branded 44 Presidents of the United States. The result is clever and fresh — here’s just one of my favorites, for LBJ, whose election slogan was “All the Way With LBJ.” Check out the link above for the full project!

Image via Branding the Presidents of the United States

2. This photographic series of a coonhound on things — and things on her

I love a good dog photo, and this series featuring Maddie the Coonhound (subtitled “a super serious project about dogs and physics”) is tops. We get to see Maddie on a bus stop bench, a bookcase, and a rock in the Allegheny National Forest — and more importantly, see her donning a sock nose, fake ear, fried egg, and more. Mostly while looking super sleepy — or super embarrassed.

Image via Maddie the Coonhound

3. These astronomical photo prints


Photographer Stephen Johnson takes this little plastic moonman to places where no man has gone before — the crevasses of the earth, the surfaces of the smallest objects, giving new vision to nooks and crannies largely ignored. It’s a great study in scale and exploration — and would look awesome hanging on the wall.

Neptune 1 image via Moonman 

4. This clock


Seriously awesome time-keeper derived from a seriously awesome classic skit. Pure silliness.

Image via

5. This reimagined horror movie poster


I have a thing for reimagined movie posters, and this Paranormal Activity 4 print (check out another nightmare-inducing one at that link, as well) by Kingdom of Nonsense is seriously terrifying. It reminds me of a poster for something like “The Amityville Horror,” but about 10 times creepier. Totally unsettling. Love it.

Image via Kingdom of Nonsense


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Friday Five: Realigned Spines and Breathtaking Art Installations

The realigned spine was mine — well, sort of. This kid of mine had better be cute, because he’s caused my left pelvic joint and lower vertebrae to go all out of whack and actually twist outward. Which explains much of the screeching pain of the past few weeks. My boss gave me the number to her chiropractor, and while I was kind of scared of those kinds of doctors (chalk it up to bad associations with a whole group of people who visited chiropractors for EVERYTHING, and were otherwise nutty), she has already helped me so much. I still have pain — I’ve only had one visit — but it’s so much more manageable. I actually got up in the middle of the night to pee last night and didn’t fall into bed sobbing because I couldn’t rearrange myself into a pile of pillows without feeling like my hip was dislocating.

And to celebrate my new path to pain-free…

1. This free, customizable, printable Owl Lover 2013 calendar


Free? Owls? Yeah, pretty awesome. Brought to you by My Owl Barn, this project allows you to select 12 of your favorite images from among 40 artists — people like Jo James, Flora Chang, and Oana Befort — and the associated months, and create your own free printable owl calendar. Um, awesome.

Image by Ellen Giggenbach, via My Owl Barn.

2. This film-inspired cartography project


British design studio Dorothy has put together this amazing Los Angeles film map made up of more than 900 film titles. Check out such landmarks as Lost Highway, Jurassic Park, Carlito’s Way, and Valley of the Dolls — all built on a design loosely based off the style of a vintage Los Angeles street map. It even has special districts dedicated to Hitchcock and cult British horror movies, it’s own Red Light district, and an A-Z key at the bottom of the map listing all the films featured in the map along with their release dates and names of the directors. This would be an amazing gift for a film buff you love. I might buy this myself just because it’s amazing!

Image via Dorothy

3. This breathtaking art installation


Just the pictures alone of the Whitney’s Yayoi Kusama installation Fireflies on the Water took my breath away. I can’t even imagine what this would be like in person. An experiment with infinite space, “These are rooms lined with wall-to-wall mirrors and a shallow pool of water covering the floor, with a single narrow platform that juts into the center of the room. Hundreds of LED lights dangle from overhead, multiplying thousands upon thousands in the infinite reflections that bounce back from the walls,” writes Anthology Magazine. Magical.

Image via Anthology Magazine

4. This window nook makeover


Lora Neveu took an awkward window nook in her daughter’s bedroom and transformed it into a gorgeous reading nook. There’s something about window seats that’s so amazing, especially to a little girl. I dream of a space like this where I can curl up and drift in and out of sleep. The paper lanterns clustered at the ceiling and the curtains make for a totally other worldy experience.

Image by Lora Neveu via Design*Sponge

5. This typographical timeline of Sony Music’s history



Created by designer Alex Fowkes, this installation in Sony Music’s London headquarters features 1,000 artists from the major label and its affiliates, from the Columbia Phonograph Company in 1887 to modern-day artists. This is exactly my kind of thing, since I love music and typography and totally ridiculously large-scale art.

Image via Creative Review

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Friday Five: What’s With All the Fat Jokes?

Four weeks ago, after I told an older man my due date (almost five months from then), his eyes bugged out and he asked me if I was having twins.

Yesterday, with three-and-a-half months to go, a coworker told me that I was about ready to burst at any minute.

And Mister Mister doesn’t understand why any of these things bother me.

Onto happier things…

1. This DIY $18 Console Table Tutorial

This is one fetching DIY $18 table. Crafted by the blogger behind Desert Domicile, it just required about $8 worth of wood and a slab of utility shelf (plus on-hand stain, paint, nails/screws, and other tools, so mileage may vary). I love this, and will file it away in my “why I should be craftier” mental bank.

Image via Desert Domicile

2. This vintage rug 

Sold by the Nazmiyal Collection, this rug is from around 1900 — and it is GORGEOUS.

Image via the Nazmiyal Collection

3. This striped entryway

Designed by Design Manifest for a client, this foyer… I mean… stripes, ethnic rug, Malachite box, horsey lamps… and THAT MIRROR. Love.

Image by Courtney Apple Photography via Design Manifest

4. This print

This Matte Stephens print is all my favorite things bundled into one: City prints, midcentury modern design, muted colors… and, naturally, Chicago.

Image via Matte Stephens

5. This art wall

I have a thing for art walls. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. We may have one too many in our own home. But this one has everything I love in a room — classic chairs, rustic table, exotic rug, and tons of unique art.

Image from Elle Decor via From the Right Bank

Apologies for the brevity — I have a rip-roaring headache and an hour and 15 minutes left of work. All I want to do is go home, down my spaghettini and meatballs from last night, and watch Gossip Girl on Netflix until I pass out in a nest of pillows.

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Friday Five: Randoms on a Hot October Day

Seriously, does it seem like it should ever be 83 degrees on October 12? Florida makes me want to stab my eyes out and make ice cubes out of them.

But onto more inspiring things.

1. This list of the 100 books every English-speaking child should know

Termed the “kindergarten canon,” this list by Michael Petrelli, executive VP of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, created a list of books that must be known to every English-speaking child. Without it, they would miss myriad cultural references. I have to admit, I haven’t even heard of many of these! I must really be missing out. But since it’s important for Mister Mister and I to build up Bean’s library, since we’re both avid readers and have been since we were wee ones, this is a very good list to keep in mind.

2. This wallpaper

From Mr. Perswall’s “Expressions” collection of wallpaper, this drippy abstract print would be so stunning on an accent wall in a library, dining room, studio, bathroom… OK, really any room.

Image via Apartment Therapy

3. This sexy navy blue dining room

This is dead sexy. I may have a bit of an overdone crush on navy blue right now — seeing as how our master bedroom and reading room both boast dark blue walls and our nursery is using navy and white for an entire color scheme — but this is just so sophisticated, and the nailhead trim on the chairs and the wall is just… ugh. Love.

Image from Nuevo Estilo via Eclechic

4. These Restoration Hardware mirrors

Shut up. Just, shut up right now. These trompe l’oeil birdcage mirrors are a whopping $199 (for the small one) or $219 (for the bigger one), but are just amazing. They’re featured in Restoration Hardware’s Baby & Child collection, but I could see them anywhere, not just in a nursery or kid’s room.

5. This floor-to-ceiling gallery wall

Just a stunning a personal way to dress up those odd strips of vertical wall space in your house that typically house nothing but an odd arrangement of thermostat, light switch, and outlets. I love how they used different frames in all the same color and a consistent palette for best results. I would love to try something like this in our house, but I fear we might have too many gallery walls as it is. Is there such a thing?

So how hot is it where you are? Don’t even bother to respond if it’s cooler than 75 degrees.

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Weekend Finds: The Gems That Didn’t Make the Cut

I got up early on Saturday to hit some estate sales, which I haven’t done for quite some time. The weather has been so hot and muggy, and some of the early sales were really disappointing — even depressing. I always get excited about a rummage sale, until I got to the church and realized I’d gone to this church’s rummage sale last year — and it was awful. This year wasn’t much better, but while out and about there, and later in the day while hitting a local antique mall with my friend Liz, a few items did catch my eye. Luckily, I had enough luck elsewhere that I ended up blowing my wad on some great pieces of artwork and a fantastic plant, so there wasn’t much left to go around. Still, I always like to snap the stuff that made my head turn.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you actually had a Jean, Melissa, Pam, Janet, Doc, and Liz in your family and you stumbled upon this find? What luck!

I love old photographs, but am long out of the phase where I buy them up as quickly as I can. Maybe someday if I ever get back to collage-land. For now, I liked this collection, particularly that natty gentleman in a bowtie on the left.

When Liz and I drove past this sale, this is what made me stop. What a glorious creature! To me, at first, his left ear looked like a unicorn horn. A UNITIGER?! Alas, it was just a matter of perspective. Also, a matter of $60. Yikes.

This Senorita caught my eye at the antique mall, as did her price — $8! I immediately texted a picture to my husband and called him, but he nixed it. I’d already bought an odd portrait painting earlier that day, and frankly, I did realize our house wasn’t meant for quite so much kitsch. So it was with heavy heart I had to let her go. 

This oddly specific guide for Aries 1979-Pisces 1980 actually caught my eye for a photo opp, but when the seller noticed me snapping a photo, he panicked and let me know it wasn’t for sale — he had set it aside for himself!

This wasn’t a thrifty find… I just couldn’t resist posting this amazingly adorable photo of Mister Mister and our pup giving him a big hug, during a Saturday afternoon nap sesh.

What thrifty finds have you had to let go recently?

All photos taken with my iPhone 4S.


Friday Five: Heatwave and Afternoon Desk Naps

Is it hot outside, or what? I’m in Florida, and the sick thing is that, at 90 degrees, we’re one of the cooler spots in the country. We had our AC looked at this week because it was running nonstop (the service tech thought we were nuts as he’d been in homes all day where the AC wasn’t running at ALL). Turns out it’s just stinking hot and humid. So hot, in fact, that I’ve been fighting off afternoon naps as I try to power through work near the end of the day. Impromptu and accidental desk naps are no bueno!

I didn’t do a ton of pinning this week (too hot too move my hands?) but here’s what I did find.

1. This eclectic, natural collection 

Located through the blogger’s regular real estate site stalking, this home in New South Wales has the most gorgeous collection of natural items here in the hallway. From the horn hung on the wall to the wooden baskets of pinecones and eggs, it looks so organic and somehow not at all cluttered — something I definitely wouldn’t be able to pull off. Effortless style is just so enviable.

Image via desire to inspire

2. This colorful photography project

Artist Angelica Dass put out this awesome project where she pairs photos of people against backdrops of the Pantone equivalent of their skin color. I have to admit that some matches seem a bit off, but overall, it’s a really stunning and creative project.

Image by Angelica Dass

3. These Anthropologie drapes

I first saw these in an Apartment Therapy post about decorating Wes Anderson-style, then again in a Design*Sponge post just about how amazing the drapes themselves are. I love them — they look like red pencil lines sketched across the width. In typical Anthropologie fashion, you have stunned me — and my pocketbook — once again. How great would these look in a little boy’s room with navy walls and white accents?

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

4. The styling in this photo from Lisa Hubbard

I know, I know. Midcentury is so… last year. But I love this photo, from the map to the perfect little credenza to the stereo and the flowers and the flannel draped over the retro chair, and the little glimpse of the mint green bicycle in the background.

Image by Lisa Hubbard, via Desire to Inspire

5. This chair

Oh, stop.

Image courtesy of Modernica


What are you doing this weekend? Staying indoors?

Date Day: Getting Our Culture On

We’ve lived in Saint Petersburg for about two years now, and there are still plenty of places we have yet to go. So when my friend had to cancel our weekend plans, I asked Mister Mister if he’d like to do a date day at the Museum of Fine Arts, and lunch on Beach Drive, a waterfront area of downtown. Of course, he was game.

Beach Drive is one of our very favorite areas — there’s this gorgeous park on one side, with plenty of shade and grass for picnics, and waterfront areas for biking and jogging. And on the other side, there are plenty of restaurants and shops and little inns.

The museum is huge, with a tremendous permanent collection and special photography and glass exhibits. We went to the Museum of History last year, which was awesome, but hadn’t yet made it to this one. The exterior alone is just fantastic.

We probably spent a good two or three hours there. Some of our favorite pieces (you could take non-flash photography in the permanent collections, but not special exhibits):

Peter Sarkisian: Extruded Video Engine II, 2007

This thing was awesome. Made of vacuum-formed thermal plastic and video projection, it “uses images of machinery and streaming text, eliminating the [human] form entirely.” It’s impossible to tell here, but all those little pieces moved and whirred and made noises.

Frederic Karoly: Attala, 1958

The artist would lay canvas on his floor and pour oil paint on the surface, letting it just flow unexpectedly and create these semi-transparent layers. According to the little sign, Karoly became a pilot “in order to incorporate into his art the character and feeling of the sky and being suspended in it.”

Balcomb Green: Le Pont Neuf, Autumn, 1967

Greene was originally a Cubist and Constructivist, but started dabbling in realism after WWII. “This one is set in the heart of Paris on the famous bridge, with la Samairtaine, the city’s oldest department store, in the background. The rigid grid of the city fades and a figure emerges, walking allone — diffused, and blurred, suggestive of the existential angst that pervaded western culture during the Atomic Age and the Cold War.”

Joseph Goodhue Chandler: Portrait of Frederick Eugene Bennett, August 18, 1949; Portrait of Mary Elizabeth Bennett, Age 2, March 18, 1852

These folk art paintings just made us laugh. Apparently, he would paint adult sitters with no regard for their surroundings, but “with the very young, however, he included a landscape, as well as toys, pets, and other references to the child’s world.”

Michael Goldberg, The New Dump, 1964

I love a good abstract collage. “Although nearly non-objective, this painting suggests a landscape with a view of the water beyond, placing it squarely in the tradition of American landscape painting.”

After the museum, we ate at the Parkshore Grill across the street, where I pretty much devoured a burger.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday Five: A Bashful Return

First, how embarrassed am I that it’s been at least a couple of weeks since I last updated the blog? So much has happened in just a few weeks, but I promise I’m going to try my darndest to update more frequently. For starters, we painted our living room — finally. Some of my lack of posting has just been due to a lack of projects and progress to post about. But mostly, it’s been distractions. So, my apologies.

Now, back to the Friday Five (a week where I finally pinned enough at my regular volume to write one!)

1. This recipe from The Kitchn

I love pizza. I love thin, crispy, flavorful pizza. While not exactly a pizza, this Three Cheese Tomato Tart is about as close as you can get, and it looks amazing. Ripe tomatoes? Puff pastry? Cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan? And while this is a slight cheat — a recipe that was originally posted last August and included in a recent collection of summer vegetable recipes — it made my mouth water this week.

Image via The Kitchn

2. The tiles in this Mykonos hotel

The San Giorgio hotel looks like the perfect background to a cozy, peaceful, lazy vacation. These tile floors are amazing, whether in the bathroom or the bedroom.

Image from Design Hotels, via Style Files

3. The wall color in this Denver bungalow

It’s Scotch Lassie by BEHR, and it’s delicious, especially with all those white and blue accessories.

Image via Apartment Therapy

4. This painting by Canadian artist Mirjana Gotovac

Since we finally painted our living room, I’ve been on an art kick. With a bigger house than before comes more walls, and the need for more art. I’m especially fond of paintings. I bought one this week — my first, what an adult I am! — which I’ll showcase next week. But I really loved this original oil painting done with a palette knife — it looks like poppies on a spring day. Or maybe balloons.

Image via Etsy, seller mgotovac

5. The eclectic vintage style of this nursery

I love the whole vintage cottage chic shabby look, but I’m not brave or dedicated enough to pull it off throughout my whole house. Um, I’m also married. To a man. So I don’t think it would fly anyway. But how darling is this commitment in a little girl’s room? Between the crib netting (sure, a dust-attractor, but looks great in this photo), the unexpected wall art, the little Marakesh-style lounging area in the corner and the quaint green dresser, this photo is totally swoon-worthy. I totally want to be kiddie BFFs with the little Miss who lives there.

Image via Apartment Therapy

This weekend, I was originally supposed to hang out with a friend, but she came up with unexpected family plans. So I expect lots of random lounging, and perhaps some picture hanging. What are you doing this weekend?