January Cure: A Landing Strip

Part of my master project list for the year was better doorside organization — that side table and the space it occupies is so small, it’s hard to do anything useful or interesting with it.

So when Day 9 of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure mandated the creation — and use — of a landing strip, I let out an audible groan. Then, I pulled myself together and headed to the store on my lunch break to gather supplies for both the strip and an upcoming project.

I knew it would have to be simple, but effective. The mail will continue to be sorted and stored in the kitchen, but no more will I have to drape my purses all over the dining room chairs or suffer through another morning of “where the hell are my keys.”

A quick before…

IMG_3076 copy


And now…

IMG_3113 small


The seasonally inappropriate glass-bowl-filled-with-pinecones has been stowed away, and the bird salt and pepper shakers moved back into the kitchen. I picked up a little basket in the bathroom section of Target for keys, change, and other little items, and a $3 hook for my purse.

And I threw in a new lampshade for good measure, because the old one was looking pretty gross after 5+ years.

IMG_3116 small


IMG_3117 small


IMG_3132 small


It cost under $20, didn’t require a whole lot of reorganization and energy, and I think makes the space look way better and more breathable.

If you were tasked with creating a landing strip in your own home, what would you do?

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One thought on “January Cure: A Landing Strip

  1. Marilyn says:

    I have no entry hallways; the doors open into livingroom and kitchen, no coat closets or place to hide shoes and boots in a very small house. A real landing strip is hard to do, but my best tip is to always put things back in the same places each time you use them, e.g. I have a specific place to leave keys, charge phone/i pod, keep purse and tote bag for work, etc. At least now I don’t have to run around each time I leave the house searching because I know where they are, and the few times I forget, I learn my lesson for awhile with the time wasted lookinig for things. Also, I sort my mail over the kitchen trash can as I glance at it and put catalogs and recylables in the containers as I sort, too.

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