January Cure: Week 2

So far, while participating in the Apartment Therapy January Cure, I’ve made a list of projects to tackle throughout the year, and identified our master bedroom closet as a major area that requires immediate improvement.

Where are we now?

Day 6: Choose a piece of artwork and get going on framing it

Since “find a home for the artwork piling up in our reading room” was on my master list of projects, this is perfect. Early last year, we bought a cool black-and-white photograph print of the NYC skyline pre-9/11, which really resonated with Mister Mister since he’s from Long Island. I had picked out a frame we already had, an antique gold number I bought long ago at a local antique shop. But it needed to be spray-painted white, because the gold didn’t really work with the photograph.

IMG_3131 small

That frame and print have seriously sat in the reading room since last June, only because I didn’t feel comfortable spray-painting while pregnant, and Mister Mister just never got around to doing it like I’d asked. Grr. So I plan to head over to Target this month and just buy a simple white frame with a mat for it, and use it to spruce up our living room TV wall.

Day 7: Get your get-together together — date, guests, invites

Here’s where they tell you to plan a party — big or small — to celebrate your successful completion of the cure. It’s supposed to be sometime in early February — right around when I’m to give birth. So our celebration will be me and Mister Mister watching Lifetime Move Network on the couch, possibly with a baby to help us celebrate. Or maybe even a hospital stay.

Day 8: Weekend chores: flowers, kitchen cleaning, and make yourself a meal

OK, so I skipped the flowers again this week.

But the kitchen-cleaning! That was the only cleaning goal I allowed myself for this weekend (I came home Friday to find that Mister Mister had done our floors, so yay!). After downing an entire curry platter at my favorite British pub on Saturday afternoon — naan, rice, delicious tikha masala sauce — I found myself with a slightly elevated blood sugar, so I had to work it off. I put on some classic rock and tackled the kitchen.

Over the next two hours, I cleaned the countertops, the inside and outside of every surface (including the utensil caddy), drawers and cabinets that needed it, the top of the fridge, the inside of the microwave, the sinks, and the floor. I ran the dishwasher and tossed out old food. The only thing I didn’t do was the fridge, because it was manageable and, honestly, I was exhausted and in some pain and needed a nap.


The pantry area in particular had been on my master list of projects, with food spilling out onto the counter between the upper and lower food cabinets, and just tons of disorganization.

IMG_3068 copy

And now?

IMG_3122 small

IMG_3124 small

So much better, easier to find and access things, and even a better home for the baking pans, which were previously tucked away in the top shelf of the bottom food cabinet, leaving it almost impossible to retrieve them (which we frequently had to).

I moved some things over to the “baking” cabinet, and cleaned that one out too so it’s more manageable. And the “tea and coffee” cabinet got a small overhaul and breathes much easier.

IMG_3126 small

IMG_3127 small

I used some of the glass jars I’d accumulated to store rice, flour, etc. so that I don’t feel like I’m just hoarding those things.

The junk drawer was previously stuffed full of paperwork, most of which we didn’t need, the rest of which has been relocated to the office. I threw a bunch of stuff out and moved the rest to the tool box.

IMG_3129 small

Our bakeware cabinet could still use some work, but I want to buy some hardware for that so everything is easier to access, so I left it alone for now.

Everything sparkles! And I find myself making an extra effort to keep things clean as I go, now. I even cleaned out the little crumb-catcher trays at the bottom of the toaster.

As for our meal? I made Scalini’s famous baby-inducing eggplant parmigiana — the legend goes that the nearly 300 woman who have ordered this meal from the Cobb County, GA Italian restaurant have given birth within the past 48 hours. Mister Mister was a little miffed that I would want the baby to come ALREADY, seeing as how I’m only 37 weeks, but it’s all in fun. Do I actually believe that eggplant parmigiana will cause me to pop a baby out before my body — and the baby — is ready? No. Did I want some delicious eggplant parmigiana? Yes. I won on that last count. It was also fairly timely because we’d had had some signs of progress that had us on high-alert baby watch this weekend.

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