January Cure: A Plan for the Month (and Some Failures)

So I talked about how I’m (probably foolishly) participating in Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. And even if I don’t accomplish everything everyday, it makes me feel better trying to get there, because I love making lists and goals almost as much as I love ignoring and breaking them.

Day 2: Set up your outbox

This is supposed to be an area of your house that is allowed to get messy, that will serve as a resting place for items you’re undecided on. They’re to spend one week there before you either keep them, repurpose them, toss them, sell them, or donate them.

This was easy: Our office is our outbox. Thing is, the things have been there longer than a week, even though it’s already been decided that they’re destined for Goodwill.

Days 3-5: Weekend chores — flowers, floors, green cleaners & outbox

Buy fresh flowers for the house, buy and use green cleaners, deep clean your floors, and put something in your outbox. Total fail here: No flowers, no cleaning, no cleaner purchase, no item in outbox.

Day 4: Get a fresh perspective in just 10 minutes.

You’re supposed to sit in a “problematic” area of your house for at least 10 minutes and reflect on it. Well… I didn’t, but I know that the master bedroom is the most problematic for me.

Day 5: Select one project from your list to complete this month.

The criteria are:

  • Can be completed this month, in a few hours.
  • Will make a noticeable difference in either how you use your home, how something works, or how things work.
  • A project you’ll be proud to share.

That project? The master bedroom closet. Including shopping, it shouldn’t take more than two or three hours, it will make our closet way more functional and easy to look at, and I’m super excited to show you the finished result.

It’s a shoe-in (pun totally intended) because its current state, a mere nine months after moving in, is depressing.

IMG_3087 copy

Shoes on the floor…

IMG_3091 copy

purses piled haphazardly…

IMG_3094 copy

clothes all over that I never wear/can’t fit into/don’t even like.

IMG_3093 copy

And don’t even get me started on Mister Mister’s half of the closet.

IMG_3090 copy

So I did some quick brainstorming and made a Pinterest board of supplies that can help me with this project. Because a project isn’t a  project without some shopping.

The supplies

basket ladder

I saw this idea on Houzz to use hanging metal baskets to organize clutches, scarves, and other small closet items — so I found this beauty on The Container Store – the Silver Mesh Basket Ladder. This will work well on the inside strip of wall next to the closet door.


Three of these nice, cheap oil-rubbed bronze hooks for the wall to the right of the closet door, for hanging my purses.

over the door hook

Two of these over-the-door hooks — one for each closet door — for hanging robes, hats, bras, and other items that usually just end up on a doorknob or (more typically) the floor.


I had this awesome idea to repurpose a bookcase from our old house into our closet and use it for shoes. But the shelves are too widely spaced to really function well as a shoe rack (it leaves too much blank space that could be used for storing shoes), and we lost a peg for the middle shelf so it will fall straight off if you remove the wrong pair of shoes. It’s just not functional and takes up too much space. And it obviously doesn’t work bceause we still have shoes piled everywhere Three of these shoe organizers will work much better and take up less space.

pant rack

Since I’m getting rid of the bookshelf, I’ll need a better place to store jeans and pants (and not the upper shelf, which I’ve already determined isn’t the best location for pieces I access often. I’m short). This swinging-arm pant rack (which comes in a two-pack) should work nicely.

toteHot, right? OK, so the Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, but we’ll need a place to put sweaters and other items that may transition back into the wardrobe — or out of our house.

belt hangerI’m not totally sure we need this horizontal tie and belt hanger, but I’m leaning toward yes, because the current belt rack isn’t super functional. I think this would work much better.

And the best part is, if we hold off on the basket ladder, we can do this whole thing for under $100.

If you could pick one project in your house to tackle this month, what would it be?

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