A Room Fit for a Prince: The Finished Nursery

I met my main goal of having the nursery pretty much complete by 30 weeks — the furniture was put together, the artwork was hung, and most of the decorative items were in place. But it took me until just this weekend — 35 weeks — to get the sheets and changing pad covers washed, enough books purchased (secondhand) to satisfy my own book-worminess and innate need to decorate with books, and the finishing touches made.

It’s my very favorite room in the house. I’ve spent the most time and effort on it, and I’m so proud. And while I know that Bean won’t know a darn thing that’s going on, but it makes me feel so good that we’ve created a safe and personal space for him to spend his earliest years.

My goals were to create a baseball-themed nursery that was youthful and boyish without being babyish, or without looking like something my superfan husband was using as a storage space for his memorabilia. I think I accomplished that — do you?

IMG_3057 copyIn the end, I think we ended up with a nice vintage feel between the woods and finishes used and the sophisticated color scheme. The gray walls represent the Yankees’ away uniforms while the blue and white are their team colors.

IMG_2991 copy

The crib sheet pattern? “Sports Stars”

IMG_2984 copy

A dear friend made this for us and gifted it to us at the baby shower. She also gave me a personalized coffee mug — she’s so crafty! I’m hoarding it for when I can drink coffee again.

IMG_2989 copy

We had to have some Yankees decor touches, so we opted for subtle ones like these instead of full-sized Derek Jeter posters (like we would have if my husband had decorated the nursery…). I loved how the stained glass carried the vintage feel forward.

IMG_3001 copy

With our baby monitor needing 3 or fewer feet between it and the baby, and me needing a place to set water glasses, my laptop, etc. while nursing in the glider, I randomly picked up that antique refinished nightstand at a local shop last week.

IMG_2992 copy

Everybody needs a great wall decal.

IMG_3004 copy

This glider is just about the most comfortable thing in the universe.

IMG_3015 copy

And this little vintage-y pillow made by Etsy seller Mon Mell Designs (see end of post for link to their shop) brought in some red for a patriotic accent to a blue-and-white room, as a nod to the Americana of baseball.

IMG_3016 copy

This is the piece, from ABC MVPs that started the baseball nursery craze. They have tons of teams (see end of post for link to their shop).

IMG_3024 copy

I think the bookcase is my favorite part of the whole room.

IMG_3017 copy

Mister Mister picked out the Yankees bobbleheads; we went with the more kid-ish ones, with a couple of retro pieces for the vintage touch. I love bobbleheads in a kid’s room!

IMG_3020 copy

This mini baseball bat was a gift from a friend. The baseballs are from Mister Mister’s collection — the one on the right signed by his favorite player, Paul O’Neill, and the one on the left caught at a game. I love that there’s a piece of Mister Mister in Bean’s room.

IMG_3023 copy

More prints from Etsy… seriously obsessed. I loved how graphic these are. We have another one — “Glove” in blue — that didn’t fit, hiding out in the closet, that we’ll swap out from time to time.

IMG_3026 copy

The canvas crates from Land of Nod hold toys, blankets, burp cloths, breastfeeding supplies, and other odds and ends. Those bears in the second cubby from the right were both gifts from Mister Mister as part of floral arrangements he’s had delivered to me over the years. I love having a piece of us in here!

IMG_3029 copy

We picked up this cute piggy bank at Buy Buy Baby when we bought our glider — it plays “Take Me out to the Ballgame” when you drop a coin in it! All our books were purchased secondhand at Goodwill or through Better World Books online.

IMG_3032 copy

I couldn’t resist this vintage tin top from Etsy. Yes, I was trying to avoid baseball-playing bears as a rule, but old-timey toys are the tops (pun intended).

IMG_3038 copy

That wall decal looks so cool in person — it’s so detailed and wasn’t at all difficult to put up despite all the little pieces.

IMG_3043 copy

A total splurge from Pottery Barn Kids, but well worth it. 

IMG_3044 copy

I DIY’ed the baseball mobile — about the only thing I had the time, energy and creativity to DIY — and love how it turned out! That shark bag in the background is a gift from one of my best friends, for Bean’s first trick-or-treating session. And behind that is our diaper bag 🙂

IMG_3046 copy

IMG_3054 copy

I love how soft and playful these muslin swaddle blankets from Aden + Anais are.

IMG_2999 copy

We’re kind of obsessed with books around here. That “Andy Warhol’s Colors” book in the bottom right was the first thing we bought for Bean, while I was in my first trimester, during a visit to the local fine arts museum. The book to the left of it — “All the Ways I Love You” — was a birthday present from Mister Mister.

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2 thoughts on “A Room Fit for a Prince: The Finished Nursery

  1. pen says:

    Seriously, I am obsessed with your nursery. This is exactly what me and the husb would want if we have a boy- like one day, some day. Congrats… he’s coming so soon! 🙂

  2. capellett says:

    Thanks! I’m a little obsessed, too. I would totally expect you to love this nursery, gotta have pride 😉

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