Gestational Diabetes Update: A Gold Star from the Doc

My Type A personality’s wet dream is being told I’m doing a great job at ANYTHING, so you can imagine my elation and relief when my OB commended me for all my blood sugar readings over the past two weeks. He also answered some of my most pressing questions about what GD means for my labor and delivery.

Ever since I got my diagnosis right before Thanksgiving, my head has been spinning with possibilities and risks and worries and concerns. I’ve been trembling with anxiety. I’ve been a total mess. This has been compounded by the fact that I really had no idea what to ask at my last visit, and didn’t know what the doctor expected my numbers to be — I only had the “ideal” range given to me by the home health company, and I know every doctor has different maximums, as well.

Here’s what we found out at Tuesday’s 31-week prenatal visit:

  • First off, baby is doing great. He’s hopping and bopping around in there, growing right on target as evidenced by my 31-week-at-31-weeks-tummy, and has a good, strong heartbeat.
  • I also lost two pounds. Possibly more, because my last weigh-in was at 9:45 in the morning and this one was at 4:30 in the afternoon. Losing weight shouldn’t really be high on any pregnant woman’s goals list, and it wasn’t on mine by any means, but considering that my doctor had commented that I’d already gained 29 pounds by 29 weeks, and the gestational diabetes has found me cutting out any extraneous junk food, cookies, cakes, chips, and the like, the slight weight loss is neither surprising nor unwarranted. Baby is obviously still growing and getting everything he needs.
  • Our doctor allows fasting blood sugars to be as high as 100 (home health company told me 90) and one hour post-meal sugars to be as high as 140 (home health told me 129). Most of my numbers are well under these limits, but that means that I don’t have to fret as much about the occasional fasting in the 90s and post-meal in the 130s. They seem to be one-offs anyway, and not of major concern.
  • All my numbers are great, the doctor was really pleased, and commented that he sees people who aren’t on the meal plan, aren’t testing at all, etc. So that made me feel good, because all this time, I’ve had the irrational thought that I’m going to hurt my baby because my body isn’t working right. He put me at ease that I’m doing everything I can and it’s working great to control my blood sugar.
  • There are no plans to induce or c-section me just because I have GD. As long as everything continues smoothly, labor and delivery will be allowed to happen spontaneously and as I wish. They’ll check my blood sugar every six hours during labor and obviously check the baby for any signs of hypoglycemia, etc. — just as a precaution — but I don’t have to worry about all these automatic interventions that I’ve read others have had to endure just from having diet-controlled GD.
  • We’ll start having increased monitoring at 34 weeks (actually 33, since that’s my next appointment). Which also made me feel good because GD patients under poor control need monitoring as early as 28 weeks. So at my 33-week checkup, we’ll have an ultrasound with a biophysical profile to check the baby’s estimated size, development, etc. At 34, 35, and 36 weeks, I’ll go in for a non-stress test where they monitor the baby’s heartrate for 20-30 minutes. At 37 weeks, another ultrasound with biophysical profile, and then non-stress tests each subsequent week until I deliver. It actually makes me feel good that they’re going to be monitoring things more closely, because with my anxiety level, I really need to know everything is going well.

Mister Mister and I were totally bursting with happiness when we left this appointment — a stark contrast to the gloom and doom we suffered after our last checkup. Yay, healthy baby, happy parents!

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