25 Weeks: Birth of Preg-Zilla

Baby is the size of: A rutabaga

How far along are you: 25 weeks, 1 day

What’s happening with baby: From Babycenter, “Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. His or her weight — a pound and a half — isn’t much more than an average rutabaga, but your baby is beginning to exchange that long, lean look for some baby fat. As this happens, wrinkled skin will smooth out and your baby will start to look more and more like a newborn. Your baby is also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you’d now be able to discern its color a and texture!”

Due date: February 3rd

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night for the most part, but last night it was near impossible for me to fall asleep. Actually, I fell asleep on the couch at 7 p.m. while watching “Se7en,” and got up for bed around 9. I discovered our ceiling fan was no longer working (the light works, and the fan spins while the light is on, but not anywhere near full speed, and with the light off, it doesn’t work at all) and had a Preg-zilla-caliber meltdown that rolled into a fight with Mister Mister. By the time I had finished Googling “Second trimester fighting with husband” and we’d made up, I was wide awake. I read for about 5 minutes before my eyes grew heavy. By now it was 10:30. Then I turned off the light and… tossed and turned. I was exhausted, and obviously ready for bed, but my body had other ideas. Also, have you heard that pregnant women are more prone to restless leg syndrome? I don’t know if this is exactly what’s going on, but for a couple of nights in a row now, I just cannot keep my left leg still. It feels so uncomfortable like I just need to… move it. Ahhh, better. No… move it again… and ugh, again.

Best moment this week: Our nursery furniture was all delivered by Saturday! We put together the crib (and had a fight, because I’m a Preg-zilla, but then made up and got it done), the dresser came assembled (the difference between paying $100 for something at IKEA and $700 for something at Land of Nod), and the gorgeous, amazingly comfortable glider just required us to screw in the swivel/gliding mechanism to the bottom. It’s starting to look like a real room now! I struggled with the insane IKEA picture frames yesterday and got the artwork framed, so now all that’s left is the bookcase assembly — and in a moment of unexpected serendipity, it looks like only one bookcase will fit in the space, which means we’re cutting our manpower in half and will possibly be able to recoup some of the money by selling a still-packaged Expedit on Craigslist. We’ll see how things look once we get the one case up. We also had a nice little date night on Saturday, when we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then spontaneously decided to go see “Argo” at the nearby theater (It was amazing!). It felt great to have an adult outing since I know those days are numbered, and to know that I can still sit through a two-hour movie at a theater without dying of back pain and bladder failure. I just strategically planned my bathroom breaks — two pre-movie, no soda during movie, one post-movie.

Worst moment this week: The two meltdown fights I picked with Mister Mister. Not my finest moments. I feel terrible when I yell and scream at him, and I feel worse now that our little baby can actually hear  me loud and clear. Eff you, hormones. You’re a crazy bitch, hormones.

What are you looking forward to: Putting together the remaining bookcase so I can start decorating the nursery walls. We’re having a little party at our house next Sunday, so even though it’s not baby-related, it still gives me plenty to look forward to this week.

Food cravings: Chocolate McDonald’s milkshake. The BBQ beef I’m currently slow cooking for tonight’s dinner — despite the awful heartburn it will unleash (everything does, so it doesn’t matter)

What do you miss: Sitting for long periods of time without my back screaming obscenities at me.

Symptoms: Sciatica. Heartburn. Restless leg syndrome. Major fumble fingers (oh my sweet lord Jesus, if I dropped that Allen wrench one more time while assembling the IKEA crib, I was going to throw myself out the window). Back pain. Mood swings.

Gender: Boy

Belly button: Still in but definitely cratering out at the top.

Rings: Still on! This is a major triumph.

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