The Craigslist Gods Oblige: Front Porch Seats

After what seemed like forever (but was really only 2 weeks), I finally managed to snatch up a set of two wicker chairs, brand-new cushions, and a table from a sweet old lady on Craigslist — for only $40.

And I also see now why the gods just didn’t want me to have the items in the 9 other listings I’d responded to — because there’s no way in hell that stuff would have fit in my car. In my mind, the back of my car is the size of Montana. In reality, it’s the size of the back of my car.

I have no doubt this set would have gone just as quickly, though. I managed to snap it up by finally resorting to the alerts setting on my Craigslist+ app. MODG turned me onto this app months ago, and it really is awesome for constantly monitoring Craigslist on the go, setting up saved searches, and even emailing right from the app (although I’m paranoid that none of my emails were getting through, so I just emailed from my computer). Although it crashes every once in a while, it’s a total necessity. Don’t buy the free one — fork over the $2 or whatever it is.

So I set up alerts and when I saw “wicker patio set – Dale Mabry” pop up, I was all over it like butter on my pancakes. I don’t work far from there, so I emailed the lady — TWICE — and set an appointment to grab the chairs and table on my lunch break.

You know how, when you’re in a hurry and exciting, everything takes on this fever pitch and becomes a bajillion times more annoying than usual? I had lo0ked up local ATMs for my credit union since actually going to a branch would have taken me 20 minutes out of my way, and saw the gas station down the street had an ATM in the network (meaning I wouldn’t have to pay those garbage-y fees). And it turned out to be some special network ATM where you had to find your bank and enter your account number and set a special PIN, and I went so far as to enter my account number, and it told me to contact my institution, in other words “no money for you.” And then some creepy guy held the door open for me while leering at me (which, gross, I’m pregnant, double gross) and holding it open with his body blocking the entrance and his arm held high so I had no choice but to go under his arm and get way too close to him. Then I stopped at some other gas station for my withdrawal and ended up paying $4 for the privilege, WHICH I HATE, and dealt with multiple bad drivers. And then it took me 20 minutes to fit everything in my car, which was really awkward being 5.5 months pregnant and sweating all my makeup down my face.

But behold, we are now well on our way to a much homier front porch.

The cushions will do for now. They’re certainly a  lot better than those on other sets I perused. but they’ll be replaced soon enough. I stuck that vase out there for effect, but it’s been replaced by a little white bird lantern my best bud gave me years ago. And maybe I’ll put a plant on the table, if I’m feeling sassy.

But OMG, so much better! There’s actually something filling that space now, and it makes me so happy. I also now see that there’s no way our front porch would have fit the loveseat-two-chairs-one-side-table-and-one-coffee-table sets that I’d been frothing over for months. Two chairs and a table = capacity.

All we need now are some wind chimes and a hanging planter or two, and maybe a patio door.

And a living plant over there in the lefthand corner.

Baby steps. Also, succulents don’t like the shade.


2 thoughts on “The Craigslist Gods Oblige: Front Porch Seats

  1. eastwitching says:

    Pretty snazzy those wicker chairs – I wish we had outdoor verandahs like in the USA;;;

  2. […] Please, God find some front porch and/or patio furniture from Craigslist, please. Done! […]

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