Spooky Spruce-Up: Decorating for One Day, Three Weeks Out

Owning your own home does funny things to you. Last year, we put a ceramic thrift store pumpkin on our dining room table and called Halloween a day. This year, I raided the seasonal decor displays at Target and JoAnn, and came back with a toned-down but festive little front porch decorating project.

I’m not really one of those “fog machine and haunted yard” types of people, much like I won’t be a “manger and lit-up Santa and reindeer on the roof” type of Christmas decorator. But I love the idea of making our front porch match the season, and with plenty of space to decorate without having to break our necks on a ladder, it’s fun to take advantage. We also wanted to give trick or treaters a reason to stop by, other than our “Bone Jour” French doggie door mat.


This guy was a great solution to the moldy Florida pumpkin syndrome. Meant to light up, in the absence of a close-by outdoor outlet that I care to snake this cord to, he just sits there looking funny for now.


Once I buy some AAA batteries, these guys will light up with flameless LED candles and add some spook to our front porch planter hooks. Twinkling orange lights wrapped around the railing below add some more pumpkin spice to the mix.


OK, I love this. It was on sale for 60% off at JoAnn, and I had to buy it. Yeah, I totally paid $15 for a doormat that will see the light of day for about 3 weeks per year. Whatever.


This is by far my favorite find, though, for its sheer thriftiness. I really wanted a luxe wreath with black feathers and crows on it. Those are so pricey. So I thought, for about a flash, that I would make my own. Then I laughed at my funny joke. So while trying to decide whether to spend $25 for a silver, not very spooky, wreath at Target, I found this felt cobweb charger — for $2.99. Meant to shield your surfaces from hot plates, this is instead nailed on our door as a super cheap and seasonally appropriate “wreath.”


Sure, there are no motion-sensored chattering skeletons or gooey blood splats on the mirror, but I’m totally happy with our cute little display. Plus, the dead plant in the corner totally worked with the motif. Score.



2 thoughts on “Spooky Spruce-Up: Decorating for One Day, Three Weeks Out

  1. Jill says:

    I love your creative spin with the charger! I LOLed at your comment about laughing at your own funny joke, too!

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