Late Monday: Or Stuff I Hate, Stuff I Love

Stuff I hate today

  • People who use the crushed ice function in the office refrigerator before me, because I never notice and then ice sprays everywhere when I push the dispenser.
  • Bloggers who don’t put their full blog post feed in RSS, or at least enough of it to entice me to click over to it.
  • Florida drivers.
  • Not being able to sleep on my back.
  • My crusty acne
  • The lame excuse for an ATM at my gas station, where instead of spitting money out at you in exchange for your PIN, it requires you to register with your bank account number and a special PIN and then tells you it can’t do anything for you when you put in your correct bank account number.

Stuff I love today

  • That I get to go home in an hour and a half and cook spicy sweet and sour chicken and set up our new-to-us patio furniture
  • Seeing my husband after a long day of stuff that sorta sucked
  • That the lady who sold us our patio furniture today off Craigslist called me an hour after I picked it up to let me know she’s already sold it, and then laughed heartily when I told her she’d sold it to me (she’d mixed up some phone numbers).
  • Washing my face after a long day of crusty acne
  • Feeling our tiny little son move inside my belly and kick more and harder as he grows bigger and stronger
  • Ice water

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