Post-Painters: Or How You Can Tell We Painted 2 Rooms Ourselves Before Caving and Hiring Painters

The living room wasn’t too bad, with three of us. Despite the size and amount of wall to cover, it took us about five hours and two gallons of paint to transform the room from bleh to blazaam.

Our bedroom was a different story. After witnessing Abalone paint being slopped over our not-Abalone trim and ceiling — and still not having touched it up over two months later — I unleashed my inner control freak and decided I’d paint the bedroom mySELF, thankyouverymuch.

Ten hours and much bodily stress later, it occurred to me that perhaps my pregnant self should not be sweating and contorting and breathing in paint fumes, despite how low-VOC they may be. So I swallowed my pride — and some of our savings — and hired a painter.

And then two of them painted three rooms in 6 hours, while the other painted our family room a dark, dark blue — including a huge stairway wall — in five.

I almost asked them to redo the master bedroom and living room/dining room/hallway, so that the whole house would look awesome, instead of just the parts they did.

Wanna see?

The bathroom — before

The bathroom — after

For the bathroom, we chose Benjamin Moore’s Gibraltar Cliffs, a greenish-gray that I was afraid would be too green but ended up being perfect. I wanted to keep the gray family going from the other rooms while bringing in some of the kitchen’s green — a room we decided not to repaint.

The office — before

The office — after

We used Benjamin Moore’s Eclipse in the office, a dark blue-gray that complements the furniture in the room and flows really nicely into the lighter gray hallway.

The nursery: before

The nursery: after

For the nursery, we went with BM’s Covington Gray (which is not in their online color catalog for some reason, but I swear exists). It’s a slightly darker gray than the Abalone in the hallway. And since we’re doing a baseball-themed nursery with a Yankees color theme, gray walls are perfect to represent their road uniforms and as a backdrop for the navy and white throughout.

The master bedroom: before

The master bedroom: after

OK, the paint job isn’t exactly professional, but I’m still so proud of the color in here. We decided on BM’s Marine Blue, a deeper color for a more intimate room. Plus, it echoes the anything-but-gray Gentleman’s Gray in the family room — which I’d love to show you, but since half the lights in our house are still out and that room has not much natural light, it’s a tad… dark right now.

The No.2 to-do on my house-related pre-baby list was getting the rest of the rooms painted (right behind actually getting the nursery set up) — and we’ve now managed to pull it off a full four-and-a-half months before little bebe’s arrival, thanks to some well-timed outsourcing that was well worth the money.


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