A Method to my Laziness

I suck.

Seriously, I have all these amazing intentions and just can’t manage to make them happen. Despite my most fervent platitudes for forgiveness and endless promises for regular blogging, I seem to fall short every single time.

The issue, you see, is pure laziness. Brought on by this.

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve got a human growing inside of me, so I haven’t had much energy to do any of the millions of projects I’d like to get done, much less take photos of them and blog about them. A sorry excuse, I know.

And while I’d love for our house to currently look like this…

West Elm

My Paradissi

My Design Chic

…instead, it looks like this.

via Flickr

OK, maybe not that bad (there are no traffic cones). But I haven’t cleaned the floors in a week so they’re nice and hairy, along with the couch. All of my pre-pregnancy clothes are currently residing in a Martha Stewart-approved cardboard box in our closet, and the awesome shades I bought for our two smaller bedrooms are still sitting in the boxes. Meanwhile, I’ve got a list a mile long that goes like this:

  • Paint the 3 bedrooms and bathroom
  • Hire somebody to paint the family room
  • Hang said shades
  • Buy a proper bed so that your boxspring is no longer resting directly on the floor like a college student
  • Find some dining room chairs that work with your awesome dining room table
  • Find proper nightstands instead of one nightstand and a tall dresser
  • Finish hanging art
  • Finish cleaning out office
  • Start putting together baby’s room
  • Buy a new gas grill, backyard furniture, and front porch furniture
  • Get dryer vent installed in garage
  • Get landscape designer out to help us with our pathetic front yard
  • Start tearing up weird stuff in the back yard and planting real stuff
  • Get end table and lamp for family room and finish decorating in there

And then on top of that are all the fantastical ideas floating around like, put a French door between the family room and the kitchen and leading out into the back yard from the family room. Or hang a hammock. You know, whatever.

Meanwhile, I can barely manage to keep our house in a “surprise drop-in visitor” state.

A friend told me to do it, do it all, before the baby comes, because we will never have another moment to do anything ever again and will be staring at that cardboard box of clothes and the four paint swatches on our bedroom wall for the next 15 years. But seeing as how the baby will be here in, oh, 5.5 months… I’d say we have a lot of work to do.

So don’t give up on me! Cut me some slack. I’m lazy, and currently cooking up a human being.


One thought on “A Method to my Laziness

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