Weekend Finds: The Gems That Didn’t Make the Cut

I got up early on Saturday to hit some estate sales, which I haven’t done for quite some time. The weather has been so hot and muggy, and some of the early sales were really disappointing — even depressing. I always get excited about a rummage sale, until I got to the church and realized I’d gone to this church’s rummage sale last year — and it was awful. This year wasn’t much better, but while out and about there, and later in the day while hitting a local antique mall with my friend Liz, a few items did catch my eye. Luckily, I had enough luck elsewhere that I ended up blowing my wad on some great pieces of artwork and a fantastic plant, so there wasn’t much left to go around. Still, I always like to snap the stuff that made my head turn.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you actually had a Jean, Melissa, Pam, Janet, Doc, and Liz in your family and you stumbled upon this find? What luck!

I love old photographs, but am long out of the phase where I buy them up as quickly as I can. Maybe someday if I ever get back to collage-land. For now, I liked this collection, particularly that natty gentleman in a bowtie on the left.

When Liz and I drove past this sale, this is what made me stop. What a glorious creature! To me, at first, his left ear looked like a unicorn horn. A UNITIGER?! Alas, it was just a matter of perspective. Also, a matter of $60. Yikes.

This Senorita caught my eye at the antique mall, as did her price — $8! I immediately texted a picture to my husband and called him, but he nixed it. I’d already bought an odd portrait painting earlier that day, and frankly, I did realize our house wasn’t meant for quite so much kitsch. So it was with heavy heart I had to let her go. 

This oddly specific guide for Aries 1979-Pisces 1980 actually caught my eye for a photo opp, but when the seller noticed me snapping a photo, he panicked and let me know it wasn’t for sale — he had set it aside for himself!

This wasn’t a thrifty find… I just couldn’t resist posting this amazingly adorable photo of Mister Mister and our pup giving him a big hug, during a Saturday afternoon nap sesh.

What thrifty finds have you had to let go recently?

All photos taken with my iPhone 4S.



3 thoughts on “Weekend Finds: The Gems That Didn’t Make the Cut

  1. Allie says:

    I actually scored this gorgeous gigantic frame at my church’s rummage sale last fall. It was this painting of a woman getting ready, and while it was pretty, I knew it would never hang in the house. But the frame was so beautiful, it was worth the $20 price tag, and when I got it to the register, they had declared everything half-price! It’s now home to a gigantic wedding photo that is propped on the wall in the master medroom since I never got around to actually hanging it…

  2. Jaime Loyd says:

    I am desperate for a senorita painting!!! Where do you live? where was this?!!! Thank you 🙂

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