Friday Five: Heatwave and Afternoon Desk Naps

Is it hot outside, or what? I’m in Florida, and the sick thing is that, at 90 degrees, we’re one of the cooler spots in the country. We had our AC looked at this week because it was running nonstop (the service tech thought we were nuts as he’d been in homes all day where the AC wasn’t running at ALL). Turns out it’s just stinking hot and humid. So hot, in fact, that I’ve been fighting off afternoon naps as I try to power through work near the end of the day. Impromptu and accidental desk naps are no bueno!

I didn’t do a ton of pinning this week (too hot too move my hands?) but here’s what I did find.

1. This eclectic, natural collection 

Located through the blogger’s regular real estate site stalking, this home in New South Wales has the most gorgeous collection of natural items here in the hallway. From the horn hung on the wall to the wooden baskets of pinecones and eggs, it looks so organic and somehow not at all cluttered — something I definitely wouldn’t be able to pull off. Effortless style is just so enviable.

Image via desire to inspire

2. This colorful photography project

Artist Angelica Dass put out this awesome project where she pairs photos of people against backdrops of the Pantone equivalent of their skin color. I have to admit that some matches seem a bit off, but overall, it’s a really stunning and creative project.

Image by Angelica Dass

3. These Anthropologie drapes

I first saw these in an Apartment Therapy post about decorating Wes Anderson-style, then again in a Design*Sponge post just about how amazing the drapes themselves are. I love them — they look like red pencil lines sketched across the width. In typical Anthropologie fashion, you have stunned me — and my pocketbook — once again. How great would these look in a little boy’s room with navy walls and white accents?

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

4. The styling in this photo from Lisa Hubbard

I know, I know. Midcentury is so… last year. But I love this photo, from the map to the perfect little credenza to the stereo and the flowers and the flannel draped over the retro chair, and the little glimpse of the mint green bicycle in the background.

Image by Lisa Hubbard, via Desire to Inspire

5. This chair

Oh, stop.

Image courtesy of Modernica


What are you doing this weekend? Staying indoors?


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