From Bleh to Bam: The New Living Room Paint Color

Two rollers, two paint brushes, three amateur painters, two gallons of Benjamin Moore Aura paint and 5 hours later, we have a new living room paint color: Abalone.

Did we do a perfect job? Totally not. I wanted to repaint our trim anyway (or, more likely, HAVE it repainted — I don’t know if I want to tackle that DIY-style), but there’s pretty much Abalone paint everywhere — trim, ceiling, even parts of our floor. But with some minor touch-ups, you won’t even know a total pro didn’t have at this room.

The walls still have a lot of imperfections, but that Aura paint is a DREAM. It went on great and dried quickly and covered amazingly well in just two coats. I’d read you have to be careful rolling back over areas because it will peel, but we didn’t experience that issue — probably because it was still wet enough, but still.

For comparison’s sake, here’a a “before” shot of the living room (and the color that is throughout the rest of the house, with the exception of the kitchen and master bath).

And, after.



With new paint in at least one room, that meant we could start marking up the walls and hanging some art. Once I unpacked everything, I realized that we really didn’t have enough to cover all the new wall space at our bigger house. So I took a trip to my Pinterest Art board, and noticed I’d pinned an awesome abstract painting by Florida artist Erin Ashley. The price was a little high for our budget, but when I looked through her Etsy store, erinashleyart, I found a piece I loved — in her sale section! Two short days later, I had our first-ever original painting hanging in the living room. Ladies and gentlemen, “Road Work.”

I love the colors and the texture — and even Mister Mister loves it.

 I also took advantage of the occasion and finally framed and hung a map we bought in St. Thomas during our honeymoon cruise.

Next, I’ll be tackling the bedroom paint color — but I’ve promised I’ll take one room per month, rather than trying to do all of them in one weekend.


One thought on “From Bleh to Bam: The New Living Room Paint Color

  1. […] The living room wasn’t too bad, with three of us. Despite the size and amount of wall to cover, it took us about five hours and two gallons of paint to transform the room from bleh to blazaam. […]

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