Color My World… Or Maybe Just My House

Once we chose Marine Blue for our bedroom walls, the rest of the interior paint selections were easy-peasy. I’d already committed to Silver Fox for the living room/dining room/hallway, which this Aprtment Therapy article claims is the perfect gray. I love gray, but didn’t know how to choose one that would work with the predominantly brown furnishings throughout those rooms. Enter greige.


And for the reading room/family room, I wanted to take things darker, with the white bookcase and all that nice white trim. Also, when I was painting our navy-and-white dresser in this room, I noted how well that deep blue went with our new rug from IKEA. So I chose a dark blue gray navy color called Gentleman’s Gray (even though it seems kinda far from gray). I think it’ll make things all nice and moody in here and contrast well with some of the white-framed art I’m planning for the room.


Next, we have the master bath. This one was a toughie. I tried taupes, greiges, beiges, tans, browns, blues, greens, corals… I was stymied by a few things: 1. I love our shower curtain and really don’t want to ditch it, so I needed something that would help it pop and 2. The dark and light wood tones in the bathroom were making it tough to match to most of what I was picking out. I originally committed to Weimeraner after seeing a sample on the BM Personal Color Viewer, but a few days of a swatch on the wall illustrated how purple-y it is. Which is not the effect I’m going to at all.

So, I tested and tested and tried a million more colors, and I think we have a winner: Gibraltar Cliffs. It’s nice and muted so it lets the curtain pop and doesn’t compete with the wood and other browns, but it’s got more personality than the existing contractors beige.


Finally, for our office, I was thinking of pulling the master bedroom runner-up, Newburg Green, in there. But then I ran some Photoshop experiments and found that in most light, it was going to look weird with the navy dresser we made over specifically for that room. The colors just read too similarly and the dresser would sorta disappear into the walls, I feared. So I ran a few of Benjamin Moore’s favorite grays onto the wall, and came up with another winner: Eclipse.


Now, here’s why the bathroom and office were especially tough: I’m trying to stick to a consistent color palette for the house, and with greige and blues already chosen for three major rooms, I needed to stay in that family. Also, I’m leaving the kitchen/one dining room wall as is. I’m not sure of the color, but it seems like the closest match to Benjamin Moore’s Agave. With it being such a bright color (comparatively speaking), I wanted to help it shine. So we ended up with this moody, beachy, subtle thing that I’m really kinda digging. I call it “Stormy Beach.”

To make sure I liked all the colors together, I made this handy-dandy palette. I even grouped together the rooms that I knew would flow into one another, so I could see that the reading room, kitchen, and living room colors would look good stacked together, etc. Because I’m a total nerd like that.


I also like that the colors are subdued enough that we can add a lot of color in accessories without having too much compete. I feel like all of these colors will go well with oranges, greens, reds, yellows, dark browns, metals, and more, which really leaves the accessorizing wide open. To walk myself through how the palette would work with some of our existing components that I wasn’t willing to paint/trade out/get rid of, I added them to the palette.

So there you see the bedding and the color of one of the bedroom dressers (the one I’m not willing to paint over because I love the color I chose for it a couple of years ago so damn much); our living room sofa color and a swatch of that rug; the redone dresser going in the office; the shower curtain; and the new rug for the reading room. Our house gets a lot of natural light, and there’s lots of white trim and white accessories (bookcase, eventual dining room chairs, eventual bed, blinds and bedroom shades) that will keep things from looking too heavy.

So what do you think? Does this work together as well as I think it does? Too oppressive? Just right?


One thought on “Color My World… Or Maybe Just My House

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