Friday Five: The No-Bummer Edition

I’ve been in the crappiest mood for two solid weeks. I had nothing really to point to as its cause, which made the mood even worse because I hated myself for being hateful. I would just lay around the house staring at crooked walls and paint marks on the ceiling and crabbing at Mister Mister.

Then, I talked to some friends yesterday and let it all out. They gently remarked that I seem to have a lot of things going on right now: We just bought a house and moved into it, and have been dealing with a lot of repairs; my dad got remarried last weekend; and I’m meeting my birth mother — for the first time ever — this weekend. So they suggested that perhaps the mood had a reason. And just knowing that has made things so much better.

Of course, I do still feel fat and stupid with dumb hair and a weird face. So I spent $200 on a new outfit, and spent some time looking through my pins for my five favorite finds this week. This is a kick off to my new series: Friday Five. Yes, I thought of that all by myself. Aren’t I clever?

Note: These are not necessarily five new things. Often, I’ll find old-ass images that are part of a post on a topic that has something to do with something in the photo. And I’ll pin it. I’m too lazy to comb through and see what’s truly new to the Web this week, so instead, this will just be my favorite finds from the week. Get it? Got it? Good.

1. This Lonny magazine shoot of Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech.

An American human-rights specialist settles in Morocco and builds a home called Peacock Pavilions on an eight-and-a-half-acre olive grove. This is the voice behind the blog My Marrakesh, so you pretty much know it’s got to be good. I love the colors, the distinct conversation areas, the casual vibe and the mix of styles.

(via Lonny Magazine, photos by Patrick Cline, art direction by Michelle Adams)

2. The styling prowess of James Leland Day.

Here’s how this happened: I was reading an article on Houzz about creating a gallery wall, and a commenter posted this image above. I immediately fell in love with it because it has all my favorite stuff: eclectic style, dark moody wall, interestingly arranged art, unique accessories. I used TinEye to do a reverse image search and landed upon the earliest found instance of this photo’s online presence: a 2010 post on Desire to Inspire about James Leland Day’s work. Hop over to his site for more awesomeness — I’m an especial fan of the New England series.

(via Desire to Inspire, styling by James Leland Day)

3. This entryway from the home of Emma of The Marion House Book.

I’ve never lived somewhere with a proper entryway. OK, lie: not since I left my childhood home. Our current house also has no real entryway. So we make do. And then I see stuff like this, and it makes me pee my pants. I love The Marion House Book anyway, but look at this kilim rug, and that mirror, and those branches, and that stained glass transom, and that little basket perched so casually on the right… what is that, a radiator? And it makes me instantly jealous that we don’t have an entryway. Or stairs.

(photo by The Marion House Book)

4. The bedroom in this house on Ibiza, Spain.

You know how it goes: You wake up at 10-ish, hair perfectly messed up, in a crisp white menswear button-down, fresh makeup from yesterday still gracing your face. You stretch, roll out of bed, and open the huge, shuttered French doors that lead from your spotlessly rumpled bedroom onto your waterfront porch. You also mysteriously have a warm cup of cappucino in your hand. Isn’t that how everybody’s morning goes? Well… it should, anyway.

(via The Style Files, photo by Jordi Canosa, styling by Daniela Cavestany)

5. The photography of leeming+paterson.

The Galloway Hills, Scotland  husband-and-wife photography team of Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have this whole series of abstract landscape photography named Impressions. Yeah: photography. This print above (Trees in the Mist) is bananas. BUH-NANAS.  They have some more traditional work, too. I’ve got to get them into my life.

(photo by leeming+paterson)

Whew. I already feel better — you?


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