The Bedroom Paint Color Verdict

After narrowing down our paint color options for the bedroom, I got a bunch of samples from the hardware store and set about painting random swatches all over the place. Mister Mister complained (since there are now also swatches in the living room, family room, and bathroom), but he had to hush up. I told him it was the only way to go. I’m glad we did, because even though Benjamin Moore has a great Color Viewer online, I’ve found that its hues and saturation are less-than-precise. It is, after all, something you’re viewing on a computer screen.

Swatches, top from left to right: Galapagos Turqouise, Marine Blue, Newburg Green. Bottom: Pacific Sea Teal. Paint chips, from left to right: Dragon’s Breath, Teal. 

I was almost positive we were going to go with the Newburg Green. Imagine my surprise when we ended up falling for a completely different color.

Marine Blue was the winner  by and far. At first, it went on awfully bright, but then it dried to this nice deep … well, marine blue color. Even John loved it. Most of the time we spend in that room, is in incandescent lighting, and it’s even deeper in that environment. These pictures were taken in the early morning sunlight filtered through white roman shades.

The Newburg Green was just a bit too gray, what with the other gray in the room.

Though I do think it has a future in our office. You’ll see with our color choices that I’m trying to keep the house’s palette to a blue-green-gray kinda thing.

What do you think — is Marine Blue the right choice? Or will we really regret it when it’s slathered all over our walls? Will we feel like fish in an aquarium — and not in a good way?


2 thoughts on “The Bedroom Paint Color Verdict

  1. Jill says:

    I love that color! That was my vote before I scrolled down to see which one you picked 🙂

  2. […] Once we chose Marine Blue for our bedroom walls, the rest of the interior paint selections were easy-peasy. I’d already committed to Silver Fox for the living room/dining room/hallway, which this Aprtment Therapy article claims is the perfect gray. I love gray, but didn’t know how to choose one that would work with the predominantly brown furnishings throughout those rooms. Enter greige. […]

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