Kind of Blue Bedrooms

Everybody — meaning Mister Mister and my pops — thinks I’m crazy for wanting to paint the interior of our house. But my reasoning goes like so:

1. Every room is this weird decorators beige that drives me nuts

2. The remodelers did a supremely crappy job at painting and I can’t stand looking at their one-coat wonder and awful edging jobs any longer

I promised Mister Mister I would start out slow, but, pssh. Kind of impossible. But for kicks, I’ll try to at least post one room at a time.

For the bedroom, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, exotic, deep blue green cocoon color available. It’s tough — so many are too purply, too green, too navy, too dusty, too gray, too bright. But I think I’ve landed on a handful of options. I’m partial to Benjamin Moore’s quality and color selection, but first thing’s first: Taping up the paint chips, living with them for a few days until it’s narrowed down, and painting some small swatches with sample paint. Oh — and asking Mister Mister for his opinion.

First, we have the existing parameters to work with: Gray bedding, gray area rug, white roman shades and trim, dark wood floors, a green dresser that no way am I repainting because I love her, a maple dresser that I could paint or stain, and a turquoise night stand that, while I love, I could totally repaint.

So first, in the Benjamin Moore camp, we have:

Benjamin Moore North Sea Green 2053-30 (from Adore magazine via decorpad)

I love the way this reads as the perfect combo of blue/gray/green

Benjamin Moore Marine Blue 2059-10 (via Restyling Home by Kelly)

It reads kinda navy-ish on the BM site, but here it just looks rich and supple. Only the slightest hint of green and would help the existing furniture pop.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green HC-158 (from West Elm via Apartment Therapy)

I really think this might be The One, even without slapping it up on the wall. Almost every room I’ve saved over the past year, that I’ve really, really been drawn to, has apparently had Newburg Green on the walls. Sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes gray. Perfect mixes of each and it looks so good with pretty much everything.

Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor CSP-720 (Design Crisis)

This is lovely, as well — less greenish than the other options, but very rich.

There are a few Ralph Lauren colors that have also drawn me in, but I don’t know much about their paint.

Ralph Lauren Reflecting Pool RLVM271 (Russet Street Reno)

Ralph Lauren Canyon Blue RLVM281 (Fashion Personal Notes)

This is slightly duskier and more blue-gray than the other options.

Ralph Lauren Harbour RLTH229 (via Ralph Lauren)

I”ll admit that I’m not sure that Harbour is the color in the above photo, but I’m fairly certain it is. Anybody more certain than me?

And finally, a Sherwin Williams paint — just because.

Sherwin Williams Bosporus SW6503 (Design with Chon)

Growing up, I thought the single best representation of how boring adults are, was my parents repainting their bedroom. They were painting it white, and had a million samples that looked identical. The finish was important to them, too — matte? Eggshell? 

Now, I’m that adult. Every blue looks the same — BUT IT’S NOT.

My, how things change.


One thought on “Kind of Blue Bedrooms

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