Sabado Gigante: Salvage, Shakespeare, and Sushi

Saturdays are my favorite day. While Sunday is often a favorite due to its slowed-down nature and family-friendly features, I find that between grocery days and weekly cleaning and laundry — not to mention mentally preparing for Monday — Saturday is really the clear winner in both relaxation and fun-finding. Plus, more stuff’s open. Case closed.

This Saturday was a doozy — some firsts, some repeats, and the first time in months that I’ve spent with MOH Ginger. Miss Smarty-Pants just finished up finals and doesn’t have another class until the end of June, so it was time for her to come down, see the new digs, and accompany me on some shopping jaunts.

But first, Mister Mister and I both got up at the butt crack of day to walk not only Rosie, but Zoe, my dad’s dog, who’s staying with us for the weekend. Mister Mister kindly offered to pick us up some breakfast at our favorite, St. Pete Bagel Company. I couldn’t resist requesting a maple bacon doughnut from their new line of doughnut offers — and while it may not look like much here, oh my, was it glorious.

After some cuddling and what could be called a nap, I had to take a trip to the dentist to have two cavities filled (ugh, but at least I’m done for a while). And then, MOH Ginger and I skipped down to Sarasota to visit the amazing Sarasota Architectural Salvage. With a front yard, a side yard, and plentiful indoor storage, this place wowed the socks off of me. I had pretty high expectations, and it surpassed them. I was so busy ooh’ing and aah’ing over everything that I only managed to shoot a few outside photos before being overtaken with bliss inside.

Bird baths, wrought iron gates, yard art, fountains, ceiling tiles, metal light letters, hooks, hardware, salvaged furniture pieces, salvaged ship parts, antique art, doors, windows, floor planks from old high schools — I mean, this place totally had it all. We scored some random items (I and one of the excellent staff guys had to talk MOH Ginger into buying an art guitar made of old car parts — fantastic) after two solid hours in the shop. Then we headed to Shakespeare’s Pub, where Ginger had experienced an apparently orgasmic brie-and-caramelized-onion sandwich a few years back. And while they couldn’t manage to get her order right — twice — the food was pretty solid, and we were sated.

Then, it was a stop to one hardware store for some grout removal tools (update to come) and another for some painting supplies (update to come), before going home, washing my feet (seriously, did I tramp through mud for three weeks? I looked like a homeless coal miner’s kid), ordering sushi, and drifting off to sleep at 11. Which is the only part about Saturday that truly pisses me off: I simply cannot stay awake long enough to truly maximize its basically responsibility-free gloriousness.

But first, some photographic evidence of the day’s loot.

These great tiles were $4 each and, to me, were vaguely ’80s, maybe indie-record-cover-ish. Mister Mister didn’t get it, but I can totally see lining three of these up against a wall, perched atop a dresser. Styling.

I just… love birds. We need a nice landing strip by our entry, so I’m imagining screwing this up on the wall next to the front door and sitting our keys and whatnot in it. Secret #1: It didn’t have a price, and while the staff guy thought it was supposed to be $19, he gave it to me for $6. Secret #2: I would have paid $19.

I love this little guy. I have no idea why. He looks so peaceful, and possibly napping. Also, our floor is apparently really dirty, so, sorry. Also, we really need to touch up our trim. Damn sloppy remodelers.

And yeah, just a cast iron hook. They had so many amazing ones. I opted for simplicity, for hanging keys and probably the dog’s leash by the back door.

As for the paint supplies, they involve a new furniture project based off a $45 Craigslist find picked up on Friday night.

Before you cry “wood painting foul,” hear this: It’s veneer — wood veneer, but still — and not in the most awesome shape, and nowhere near thick enough to adequately sand down to properly refinish. Also, it’s going in the office, where it will accompany two existing wood pieces. Just… too much wood for a room with just three pieces of furniture.

What are we doing with this? Hint:

Man… what a Saturday.

Now, to mentally prepare for a four-day worktrip to Vegas next week.


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