Duck, Duck, Ibis

This morning, as I fumbled through my daily morning coffee routine, I glanced out the window, and what did I see, but a family of geese ibises eating… something off our back lawn.

I unceremoniously woke up Mister Mister by yanking open our bedroom shade and declaring, “Look! Look!” A little more than startled, he was. “Do we need to worry?!” he asked. Fair question, since nearly everything else I’ve pointed out this week has been a matter of national terror in my eyes.

But no, I just found it to be pretty quaint and picturesque.

I spent a few minutes snapping some photos, careful not to get too close because I’ve heard some scary stories about geese (when I thought they were geese, before Mister Mister schooled me with Wikipedia). I only let the dog out for a peek once they started clearing over to the next yard.

Mister Mister said this guy in the middle looks like the camp counselor, rounding up all the kids.

I’m sure that this is something totally unwanted, and that people spend lots of money and effort trying to keep such birds out of their back yard. But just for today… I really liked it.

Let me have my fantasy.

Also, I think we need to buy a bird bath.


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