Off the Wall: Hanging Out with Art

“We’ve got to get some stuff up on these walls,” Mister Mister mused the other day. Indeed — but now that the house is ours, all ours, I’m a little terrified of the blank canvas that’s presenting itself to us. I don’t want to just start sticking stuff up willy-nilly, especially because “repainting the newly painted interior,” by necessity, is falling near the bottom of my “to-do” list. And somehow, my old standard practice of printing stuff off the Internet and sticking it in a thrift store frame, while still sound, is losing its luster in the adult world of homeownership.

So I’ve become a little more than obsessed with saving random art happenings for purchase. It might be worth instituting a “piece per month” kind of rule until we have things where we want them. Working with what we already have, also, of course.

For one, I’ve become pretty fond of geographically significant pieces. It’s no longer fun for me to just stick pretty things up for admiration. Lately, I feel like they need to mean something. Like photographer Kim Baker’s shots of Oklahoma. Good gosh, I used to want to get out of that state so badly I could feel my skin crawl. Now, when I drive through a sparse stretch at night with Bon Iver or some such playing, I start to miss the ice storms and the prairies.

Redbud – “at Red Rock Canyon State Park, in an area formed from an Ice Age stream that once flowed through the canyon”

By Kim Baker

Or Tim Bailey’s Route 66 shot

“Daylight Donuts” by Tim Bailey

Seeing how I did have a stint in Chitown — not to mention claiming it as my “heart hometown” during all those teenaged years of hating Tulsa — we couldn’t do without some Windy City art.

“Chicago” by Todd Stewart

City of Chicago Vintage Style Map Poster by Vassi Slavova

 And, of course, we couldn’t go without repping Mister Mister’s old stomping grounds.

NYC Boroughs Vintage Style Map Poster by Vassi Slavova

I’m a fan of the initial art, too, which is probably best intended to teach the alphabet to children, but which suits my fancy to personalize everything in our wake.

Letterpress “J is for jellyfish“/”C is for coral” by Nik Bresnick

 Naturally, Rosie totally needs her own piece.

“Fetch” by Roll & Tumble Press

And I don’t know… I just really like this dapper guy.

 “Mr. Fox” by Melissa Nucera

Music plays a huge part in our lives, so we need some adornments along those lines.

The Beatles art print concert poster by Patrick Concepcion

Pearl Jam at Compact Disc World, 1991″ by Swissted

The Smiths “Take Me Out Tonight” by Lover’s Rock Shop

“Sound III” by Chloe & Coda

And then there’s just a random assortment that suits my fancy.

“Night House” by Amy of Cake With Giants

“La Lune” by Double Merrick with Keep Calm Press

“PFA 007 San Antonio, TX” aerial photography by Brent Yaggi and Sarah Hicks

“The Forest Scene Five” by Tina Crespo

So, what do you think our first art purchase for the house should be? I’m leaning toward something from Kim Baker, but that’s just how selfish I am.

Run across anything else we might like? What art tickles your fancy?


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