A Table Without Chairs is Like a Skyscraper with no Stairs

In other words, completely illogical and a little dangerous.

As we eagerly await the completion of our custom-made farmhouse dining room table, my next obsession is the chairs that surround it. I love a good juxtaposition — and particularly with the midcentury modern coffee table and buffet in the adjoining living room, and vaguely MCM IKEA Karlstad sectional we plan on buying, it didn’t make sense to me to stay traditional or rustic with the seating at the farmhouse table.

For refreshers, our table will look something like this.

I’m a sucker for a farmhouse table surrounded by more modern chairs — particularly white chairs that offset the dark wood.

Bella Mancini Designs

Like so.
Filling up precious space on my Pinterest Dining Room board, we have the following contenders.
The IKEA Erland: Simple, affordable, easy to keep clean, modern, and white.
The World Market Metal Tub Chair: I love the industrial vibe and classic shape, but worry the arms would make it jut out too much while tucked into the table in between meals.
The West Elm Klismos: I love this clean, modern take on the Klismos chair, but Mister Mister thinks it looks uncomfortable.
The Pottery Barn Tolix: The chair of my dreams, the price tag of my nightmares.
The West Elm Scoop Back: Not a bad price, and pretty darn close to the chairs in my inspiration photo.
The West Elm Modern Windsor in white: I really love how it has this traditional captain’s chair vibe but is more sleek and modern than the oak eyesores of the early ’80s.
The Restoration Hardware Vintage Steel Metal Chair: This redundantly named beauty is actually darn affordable — I was surprised at RH’s prices on dining room chairs — even though it’s a bit of a departure from the remainder of the wishlist. It’s just so damn awesome.
The Restoration Hardware French Cafe Chair in weathered oak: Oh, God I love you.
The Overstock Sonore Solid Wood Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Chair: I love the shape, but I’m not really clear on Overstock’s quality. I’m also kind of put off by how dodgy they’re being with the type of wood
(solid wood with a “walnut-like” stain?)

And last, but not least, the IKEA Preben: It’s kind of a step in a different direction, but I like how it doesn’t scream IKEA and is also upholstered (even though it might be tough to keep clean).

So what do you think? I’m leaning toward the West Elm Scoop Back, IKEA Erland, or Restoration Hardware Vintage Steep Metal Chair.

Do you have a dining room chair that you love? Do you fancy juxtaposed-decor as much as I do?


2 thoughts on “A Table Without Chairs is Like a Skyscraper with no Stairs

  1. Brittney says:

    I’m loving the vintage steel chair!! And, if you really wanted white, you could always spray it later.

  2. […] a certain style — especially when framing our delicious, custom farmhouse table. But since I still haven’t decided on a dining room chair, we must make do with what we have. Because dining room chairs are mad expensive, and I don’t […]

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