SIUY: Screw-it-up-yourself. Which I’m apparently awesome at.

The things I demonstrated this weekend to my neighbors:

1. I’m unaware of the right tool for the job, as evidenced by my use of a 12V hand drill to create 1″ deep holes in concrete block.

Can we just leave the house numbers like this?

2. I’m a daredevil, as evidence by my use of a step stool that’s about 2 feet too short for me to safely unscrew and remove an exterior porch light.

3. I’m better off using a handyman to install weatherstripping, as evidenced by my completely inappropriate selection of a door sweep, crooked installation of said sweep, lack of a hack saw to cut my jamb weatherstripping to size, and complete lack of desire to purchase and use a hacksaw. At least at this point in time.

Before. Dude… 

No doubt I’ll force myself to become more handy as homeownership wears on, but the fact that I’m commuting between our current place and the new place everytime I want to start a project really puts a damper on my can-do spirit.

Did you disappoint yourself — and any onlookers — with your total initial failure in the DIY department?


2 thoughts on “SIUY: The New DIY

  1. Jenny says:

    hahaha that’s what my front door looks like (well, the gap underneath). I used to work at a window & door company and I still haven’t put new weatherstripping on that door. When the wind blows, the door whistles. If it rains towards our front door, the tile gets soaked. You’d think we would consider this a priority. You’d think wrong 🙂

  2. Brittney says:

    Lol….I think I’ll be the same way!! I have all kinds of projects I’d like to do, but wondef if I’ll really have the motivation!

    I do think it will help you to actually be in the house! You can’t help but feel motivated when you have to stare at something daily. Excited to see how you make your house a home, diy and siuy and all!!

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