Reader Poll: What Color Window Treatments?

Clearly, the most important thing of all time is the color of our window treatments. We’ve about settled on roman shades because I don’t want to have to dust a million blind slats, and I’m not a huge curtain fan. I found some with a solid price, so I used my mad Photoshop skills to show you our color options — narrowed down to two.

I went ahead and added in the sofa we’re looking to buy in the color we want, along with a snippet of our current area rug. Again, totally professional design job here. You’re welcome.

So, which will it be?

First up, we have espresso. Pros are that it seems to blend better with everything. Cons are that I feel like it’s almost too putty colored for the walls.

Then, there’s classic white. Pros are that it’s white, white goes with everything, and it makes everything seem a bit brighter here, no? Cons are that we have a black and white cat, and white gets dirty. Addendum: We have a washer and dryer and a lint roller, and don’t plan on having peanut butter parties all over our windows.

Side poll: Do you think this dark brown sofa looks OK with our almost cherry-colored floors?

Try to picture this with nice throw pillows in a pop of color, and without a mop in the corner.



2 thoughts on “Reader Poll: What Color Window Treatments?

  1. Allie says:

    I like the white curtains, and I think the brown sofa looks fine.

  2. Jenny says:

    I vote espresso 🙂 and I also think the sofa color looks fine.

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