A Ladyfingers Farewell Post

I can hardly believe I’m writing this post. Back before I became a blogger Bee, I would read these teary farewell posts and, while I was always sad to see these ladies go after following them throughout their planning journeys, I didn’t understand the idea of literally putting off a goodbye post because you didn’t want to leave.

Turns out, I totally get it. I’ve been so honored to have been able to share our wedding planning details, our ups and downs, my worries and fears, and everything in between. We’re rounding the corner on four months of marriage — a mere drop in the bucket — but today, I have all the emotion of the day after the wedding. At that point, it had been 11 months of my life poured into one day. The day after, it was all over. Family and friends were on planes back to their homes. Life was beginning to get back to normal. Practically everything I had crafted fit into a shoebox. I cried that day, not because I was unhappy, or sad, but because 11 months of adrenaline had come to a screeching halt. And now, there was just us.

I have been so blessed to be part of this community, and hope to be able to participate more than ever on the boards. We have so many exciting things happening in our lives, and I hope that you’ll join me back at my blog, Talking in Your Sleep, for the adventures of this fairly newlywed couple.

Until then, happy wedding planning. I’ll miss you all so very much.

Photo by Shorts Shots Photography


2 thoughts on “A Ladyfingers Farewell Post

  1. Jill says:

    I am so bummed to see this post, m’dear! (I’ll comment on WB too, of course, but just wanted to let you know it looks like your link to the new blog isn’t working!)

    • capellett says:

      Thanks! It’s so awkward, it’s just a link to the same blog the post is one. And yet I still managed to screw it up. Also, I was pretty bummed to write this post 😦

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