Wrapped Around Your Finger: Oom Bow Bow — Chick, Chicka Chicka

There was a time when I didn’t want to do a bouquet or garter toss. Something about it felt forced. I think mostly it was because I had been to weddings where very few of the single people — if there were any — were willing to get up there and give it their all. But now, I’m so glad we did, because the tosses represented two of the funniest, favoritest moments of the night.

Mr. Ladyfingers dug away…

While I appear vaguely embarrassed as the two fathers look on somewhat disapprovingly…

Our DJ invoked a Zac Brown reference to describe MOH Ginger’s boyfriend, who prepared for the toss along with my dad and BM Esquire’s boyfriend.

Photo courtesy of family member

And Zac Brown catches it — with his teeth!

Then, it was my turn. My three single ladies and dad’s fiancee, P, gathered on the deck( and apparently found something funny… I’m unsure what…)

And P did this kind of amazing stagger-push-reach move that demonstrated just how clearly she wants to catch the bouquet. I think she really likes my dad 🙂

Photo courtesy of family member

Photos by Shorts Shots Photography, except where noted

We made final preparations, visited with family members, rehearsed, and ate a miniature Mr. Ladyfingers

The girls and I got gussied up and headed out to the venue

I got all verklempt, the people took their places, and I waited quietly, alone

We kinda got a little married

We stood for portraits

We twirled together as man and wife to the most perfect song there is

We ate, toasted, cut cake, and prepared to party

We had some musically heartfelt moments with our parents

We partied like it was 1999


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