Wrapped Around Your Finger: Put On a Little Makeup

We awoke bright and early for our makeup artist’s arrival at 8 a.m., and she got to work setting my hair and doing MOH Ginger and BM Prego’s hair, and MIL Ladyfingers and BM Prego’s makeup. She finished up with my hair and makeup, and applied all our glosses last thing. In all, it took about five hours — and felt like the blink of an eye.

Marci doing up MOH Ginger’s hair

The finished product from behind — it’s hard to make her hair look bad — while making up MOH Prego

This might have been the most hilarious and bizarre five hours of the whole day. My girls are my girls for a reason: They’re incredible witty and acerbic and… just… odd. BM Prego and MIL Ladyfingers had a weird rapport going. BM Esquire showed up to accompany us while she did her own hair and makeup. It was a laugh fest. We watched many hours of TV inexplicably filled with weddings — “My Best Friend’s Girl” and a couple of wedding episodes of “Scrubs.” We totally didn’t plan it this way, folks.

OK, one more thing: I had a huge zit. Yes. A HUGE. ZIT. I noticed it coming on about a week before. I have a history of cystic acne and (dumb) had been experimenting with my skin care regimen despite telling you I would not do that. The minute I saw things getting red and angry, I knew I was in for a rough one.

Sure enough, it exploded a few days before the wedding. Large. Red. Scabby (SORRY!). Thankfully, I was able to squeeze into a dermatologist’s office on Thursday and get a nice little cortisone shot. Things were significantly better come Saturday, but still not perfect. Every photo I have showed you so far, I have Photoshopped. But thank goodness for Marci — not only did she not blink an eye (I felt pretty gross), but she covered that sucker up like nobody’s business. So, for all of you fearing a facial freakout, worry not! Makeup is an amazing, amazing thing. Even if you don’t have a professional working on it, you may be able to get your local department store makeup expert to teach you a few things. Where there’s a clear-skinned will, there’s a way.

I have no knowledge of hijinks…

BMs Prego and Esquire: Fast friends

As Marci put the finishing touches on my hair and attached the hairpiece, MOH Ginger started to tear up a bit. I was really starting to get nervous, now. Actually, it hit me at around 10 a.m. — that afternoon, I was going to be marrying Mr. Ladyfingers. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me at all, given my longstanding certainty that I would never ever get married. And I couldn’t believe the day was finally here.

After all those months of planning… I really took them for granted. I counted down the months and days like I was in a race. The fact is, it goes so fast. Then you have your wedding, and then it’s over. You’re married. I clammed up — which is a sure sign that I’m nervous — and fretted. I felt butterflies.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Marci added my hairpiece, and we took one last moment to go ga-ga over how gorgeous we all looked.

We each grabbed about eight armfulls of stuff and MOH Ginger called Mr. Ladyfingers to make sure he was tucked away somewhere. We rushed out of the hotel room and passed by about 15 family members. No time to talk! I piled everything into BM Prego’s car while BM Esquire took the dress, rings, and other important paraphernalia. BM Prego weaved through side streets and blared Top 40s pop and made me laugh hysterically, singing along with “Sexy and I Know It” with her fancy updo, pearls, and jogging suit encrusted with rhinestones from HER wedding. We arrived at the venue only slightly behind schedule, and I just had to pop into the main room to see how everything was coming together. It was so thrilling to see the caterers putting everything in place, coming into the bride’s room to find our bouquets lined up on the table, hearing our photographer arrive — and, of course, being sequestered in my room the moment Mr. Ladyfingers and his entourage arrived.

All that was left now was to truss me up in my dress, panic a bit, and get ourselves hitched.

*All photos personal

We made final preparations, visited with family members, rehearsed, and ate a miniature Mr. Ladyfingers


2 thoughts on “Wrapped Around Your Finger: Put On a Little Makeup

  1. Heather says:

    Christina-I just have to tell you this. You are just so beautiful. You look so happy and that you are really loving life.

  2. capellett says:

    Aw, thanks Heather 🙂

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