#WEverb11: Appreciate

In which moment did you find yourself flooded with gratitude? How will you rally around gratitude in 2012?

I try to make gratitude a part of my everyday life. I write a nightly gratitude list — sometimes it’s very detailed, other times it’s “husband, job, friends, family” — but it keeps me in that mode. If I have the opportunity to slow down during my day and experience life, I’ll get a glimpse of gratitude then, as well. But so often I’m rushing through, complaining about what could be and what is. I’ve started the Couch-to-5K Running plan, and running every other day early in the morning is a nice chance to reconnect with gratitude. I’ve also made a conscious effort to spend less time on the computer while at home, and more time cuddling with my husband and our dog, talking about our day, reading — just slowing down.

As for my MOST grateful moment of 2011, it just may have been the moments I spent in the bride’s room, after my bridesmaids had left me to take their walks down the aisle, while I waited for the cue to exit the room myself. I heard our processional song swelling up, and stood there holding my breath in my tight-tight dress, trying to remember how to hold my bouquet. It struck me how I never really thought I’d ever get to that moment — not with him, but just in general. For many years, I thought a marraige-caliber relationship was out of the question for me. I had to undergo some significant life changes to put myself on a path where that was possible. I haven’t been as grateful as I was in that room, in quite some time. A close second would be walking down the aisle while a bunch of people stared at me.

What was your big moment of gratitude this year?

Today’s prompt is brought to you by Megan of Everlasting Present. Check out her blog!

I’m participating in WEverb11! To join in, visit http://www.weverb11.com/ for more information and daily prompts.


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