#WEverb11: Befriend

Did you meet any new friends this year? How did they impact your 2011?

A little over 2 years ago, the hubs and I moved to a central location to live together. It was only 30 minutes from where I’d lived before, but I had to readjust to some parts of my life that relied heavily on social interaction. In a word, I had to find new friends to accompany the friends I’d left behind.

It seems strange, I know, to say you “left behind” people who live less than an hour away from you. But believe me when I say, without getting into it too much, that it was essential I find friends also in my neighborhood, who I could call on on the fly and regularly interact with. Not to mention, lives get busy and schedules get hectic. Couple that with a live-in boyfriend/fiancé/husband, and you’ve got a recipe for isolation.

At least, I do.

It took me an uncomfortably long amount of time to settle into another social circle – roughly a year before I started regularly setting coffee dates with my newfound friends, sharing with them, incorporating them into my daily routine. They’re not replacing a soul. My very best friends are still just that, 30 minutes away or not. But these new friends have provided a richness to my life. They’ve added qualities and advice and experiences to an already full existence. And most of all, they’ve reminded me that no matter where I go, I never have to be alone.

Today’s prompt is brought to you by Jen of Living a Brighter Life. Check out her blog!

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One thought on “#WEverb11: Befriend

  1. Love this! And I totally agree with everything. It also takes me a long time to settle into new social circles–I’m still doing that in my new city!

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