#WEverb11: Learn

What lesson did you learn in 2011 from “The School of Life” rather than a classroom?

I learned that I will pit myself against anybody, rather than taking them on as a team member, any day of the week. I have a go-to mental state called “everybody is the enemy” – and this will often extend to my husband, family, and best friends.

This is, by far, my most unattractive trait. I think you can see why. I’m learning, slowly, how not to do this. Why not everything everybody says is a direct attack meant to harm me. How people really do want to be on my side – are on my side – if I’ll only let them.

I trust more than I have in a long time. I have more hope for the future. So, by extension, I think I can learn to accept a few more team members next year.

Today’s prompt brought to you by Julie at Julie Unplugged. Check out her blog!

I’m participating in WEverb11! To join in, visit http://www.weverb11.com/ for more information and daily prompts.


One thought on “#WEverb11: Learn

  1. auntiekim says:

    It’s like you live inside my head or something. This post could easily have been written by me. Here’s wishing us both success in the coming year!

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