Today is the Day Before The Day

The weather, so far, is so good.

On Tuesday, I said goodbye to my coworkers as a single lady, to return as a married woman.

On Wednesday, we carted all our items to the caterer and put them in their capable hands, leaving us with nothing to do but hang out with family and wait.

My stomach has been doing flips, even though I would tell you I’m not stressed out, and everybody’s been saying how calm I am. You could have fooled my tummy.

Family descended upon us.

Today, we rehearse our wedding. The girls and I will get our nails done, and then eat some yummy seafood. I’ll stay up way too late.

And then, we’ll get married.

All these months of planning, of weighing the merits of each shade of hot pink and degree of gray fonts, of agonizing over which flats to buy, of first dance selections, of tastings, of check-writing and stress-eating and fighting and giggling and marriage-license-applying and trying to keep my skin clear and trying not to bite my nails… it’s all come down to one day: four-and-a-half hours of getting hair and makeup done with some of my best friends. Two-and-a-half hours of driving and dressing and trying not to freak out. Thirty minutes of dedicating ourselves as man and wife to a crowd of our closest friends and family members. An hour of formal photographs. Four-and-a-half hours of eating dinner, dancing, cutting cake, and tossing things. A nighttime of giddiness.

At least, that’s the plan.

Did the time fly by for you, as well? Did you feel nervous physically the week of, even though mentally you seemed just fine? Did you totally check the weather like a crazy person, even though you told others not to when their weddings came along?


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