final flower consultation

First in our final series of pre-wedding appointments was our florist. I knew that I was going to be beyond happy that we’d gone with a professional, and the particular florist we did. I’d heard nothing but great reviews, and could handle the price point. They have been nothing but sweethearts to work with, and have clearly understood my vision. I am completely comfortable letting them do whatever they want within a certain constraint.

That being said, I couldn’t have prepared for how excited the final floral consultation went. I met our designer, Stephanie, and administrative assistant, Collette, at their newly opened studio a few blocks from where I work, and brought them my collection of bottles, jars and vases. They were super stoked, which was a big relief because in the back of my mind, I was worried there weren’t enough, they wouldn’t be able to work with them, whatever. Not the case!

Much of what we’d originally agreed upon was the same, with the addition of some elements. And I can’t even describe how exciting it was to see and hear the FINAL FLOWER order and know that everything would be so beautiful the day of!

Customized inspiration board images courtesy of FH Weddings

Our final contract included the following:

  • Bride’s bouquet: freeflowing handheld bouquet of white hydrangea, ivory lisianthus and ivory spray roses with pewter satin ribbon and an ivory lace overlay with pearl pins
  • 4 bridesmaids’ bouquets: small freeflowing bouquets of white hydrangea, hot pink lisianthus, hot pink spray roses and yellow button mums, wrapped with marigold ribbon and pearl pins
  • 2 wristlet corsages for mothers: ivory spray roses and myrtle, accented with pewter ribbon
  • Sweetheart table: bride’s bouquet placed at center of table in 10″ cylinder provided by FH weddings
  • Centerpieces: 3 small vases and 2 milk bottles per table – hot pink spray roses, pale pink lisianthus, yellow buttons, ivory lisisanthus. Add greenery: myrtle and variegated pittosporum
  • Cake flowers: yellow button pompoms to be placed on top of every other cupcake
  • Escort table: 5 small vases of iory lisianthus, hot pink spray roses, pale pink lisianthus, yellow buttons, ivory spray roses. Add greenery: myrtle and variegated pittosporum
  • Bouts: ivory spray roses and myrtle
  • Complimentary toss bouquet

Every day, there’s something new that I’m super excited about. Lately, it’s been the flowers!

Did your final meetings really get you stoked for the big day, knowing just how everything would look? Did you end up going with a professional florist?


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