Won’t You Let Me Take You On a Sea Cruise?

My entire life could probably be retraced and pieced together through a series of shopping and to-do lists. Honestly: If I kept them all, they’d probably serve as a pretty robust basis for my day-in-the-life biography. Which somebody’s totally going to write about me when I die. Duh.

Lately, I’ve been fairly obsessed with the cruise packing list. For those of you catching up, we’re embarking on a 7-day cruise after the wedding, through the Eastern Caribbean, stopping at Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Grand Turk, and St. Thomas. Neither of us have ever been. I’m simultaneously a packs-too-much traveler and a forgets-the-essentials traveler. So I like to turn to handy Google for advice. Today, it was “Cruise Packing List.” Naturally, I found some super long and scary-specific lists. Like this one from Cruise Direct. (Which makes me wonder, what are people doing on their cruises? Krazy Glue? Walkman? DUCT TAPE?)

So, by narrowing out the things we always pack for any trip – meds, toiletries, underwear – I’ve arrived at what I think is a pretty comfortable packing list for the impending honeymoon cruise. The zinger is that, although the cruise likely has any of these items for purchase, it’s not like forgetting deoderant on a normal vacation and zipping down to the local drugstore. I’m imagining the prices are pretty staggering on board, so I’d rather not forget anything.

Which leads me to ask: What do you really need for a cruise that you don’t need somewhere else? In other words, what do we still need to buy?

My starter list goes something like this:

  • Ginger snaps (for motion sickness, and a friend was kind enough to lend me her Sea Bands for same)
  • A waterproof camera
  • A waterproof watch (neither of us owns or uses watches)
  • Actual good sneakers I can walk in (for shore excursions)

And that’s pretty much where that ends. So I’m asking you, hive: What are some cruise essentials? What do you wish you’d packed that you hadn’t? And on the flip side (because I could really use some advice on this, too) — what did you pack that you TOTALLY didn’t need?


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