Guess what we did on our lunch break?

Personal photo

Yeah, that’s right! We’re now licensed to wed (well… in a day or so, given Florida’s three-day waiting period).

In Florida, the requirements are the same statewide in all counties. The license is $93.50 (less if you have premarital classes) and is good for 60 days, in any county, after a three-day waiting period. So we visited the courthouse in downtown Tampa and after about 15 minutes and an oath that everything we’d written on our application was indeed true to the best of our knowledge, we walked away with this totally ugly license. Yahoo!

I have to say, seeing that little room off to the side with the arch and the pulpit really tempted us. I half-jokingly said we should just come back in a few days and DO IT. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re really going to get hitched in front of all those people.

Was your marriage license experience as exciting as ours?


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