Showered With Love: Lunch, Games, Gifts

My shower was the beacon of hope at the end of my long, long week. With a weekend of hair and makeup trials and bridal showering, I just couldn’t lose. I got to BM Preggo’s house around 2 on Sunday, to find this beautiful spread, just for me.

They had put together cute little favor boxes with a pack of wildflower seeds, a vanilla sachet, a sleeping mask, and lots of candy. Mmm… candy. Which is currently stockpiled in my purse.

And there was our littlest guest, Baby Baloney, snoozing in the corner.

BM Preggo’s hubby cooked up some UH-MAZING barbecue pulled pork and sausage and mushroom and veggie calzones. There was potato salad, hummus, veggies, pita chips, Martha Stewart’s Three-Way Cheeseballs (a Ladyfingers household fave that MOH Ginger borrowed), yummy salad, Diet Coke, lemonade, and diet orange Fanta. In short, a Ladyfingers dream come true.

Oh! And delicious cupcakes that originally had our initials on them, before BM Preggo dropped them and smooshed everything (I forgive her), and chocolate-covered strawberries.

After lunch, we played games. — well, one. MOH Ginger had dug up a few, but we only had time for the purse game (make up a list of items found in a lady’s purse, assign them point values, and whomever has the most points at the end wins) before it was time for a few of the guests to leave.

I am apparently thrilled I had lipstick, one of the items.

But before too many girls could depart, MOH trotted out the single coolest thing I’d ever heard of: Flying Wishes. Each guest wrote a wish for me and Mr. Ladyfingers on a slip of paper. Then, they stuck them in balloons, filled them with helium, and I let them go into the sky. (I know, I know… terrible ecological impact. No need to say it.)

I wish I’d gotten copies of some of the wishes, or at least read them aloud! They were so wonderful and sweet. But the symbolism of the flying wishes was beautiful.

Writing wishes

Bye, bye wishes! You’re the universe’s, now.

Then, it was gift time! I was grateful that a few people had left, because I get really really nervous opening gifts in front of others. Mostly it was just the bridesmaids, and longtime friend ND, left to watch me eagerly tear into the presents. MOH Ginger bestowed me with a cheese board and a 23-piece cake and cupcake decorating set (the two items I’d made fun of myself for adding to the registry — very much like her to buy my two most ridiculous finds), and BM Spotty put together a sweet little care package of aromatherapy oil, soap, Sour Patch Kids (my favorite stress candy), yellow-and-gray notecards, and a candle. There were gift cards galore, and a set of beautiful cobalt blue glasses from Designer Mama. Gift-opening pics are at a minimum (at least, non-blurry ones), but there is one salvagable print of me demonstrating the exciting space-saving virtues of the Spice Stack.

Our spice shelf is SO. MUCH. HAPPIER now.

I’m so grateful for my friends and bridesmaids for putting together such an intimate and beautiful event for me. I get so nervous at things like this, awkwardly standing around wanting to do things, not loving the attention. But this get-together was just the right amount of love and fun, without being a big blowout that stressed me to high heck.


BM Preggo, me, MOH Ginger, BM Esquire, BM Spotty… and down there on the left, a faint blur of Preggo’s oldest son, who shrieked and giggled after arriving home and devouring a cupcake.

The next big beacon? The second dress fitting this upcoming Saturday!

What do you most look forward to about your shower? If yours has come and gone, what was your favorite part? Did you play games? Because I love games.

*All personal photos or taken by BM Spotlight


One thought on “Showered With Love: Lunch, Games, Gifts

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