60 Days and Counting: The Random Buys

Now that we’re at the under-60-day mark, we’re checking off a tremendous number of purchases, and starting to pack things up to cart to the caterer the week of!

First, we ordered our cake serving set from Oneida, from the Michelangelo collection (plus, it was on sale — score!).

Then, I picked up our thank-you notes at Target. I originally coveted several designs on Etsy before realizing the last thing I wanted to spend $150 on was thank-you notes, regardless of how adorable they are. Cue Target, with 100 thank-you notes for about $20. They’re not exactly in our colors, but black is basically gray, and I like the design, and I love how they fold out for a different kind of note.


I originally had plans to buy gift upon gift for these girls. And to be honest, I’m feeling like a little bit of a bum that this is ALL I have for them, after seeing some of the awesome ideas you ladies had for your bridal parties. But I’m also taking them out to dinner the weekend before the wedding, treating them to mani/pedis the day before, and buying lunch while we get ready on the wedding day… so I hope we’re good on that front.

Plus, these gifts are awesome — and by no credit of my own. Etsy seller rejenerate did an amazing job of sourcing fabric and putting these together. Jen was amazing, and I’d recommend her to anybody looking for similar gifts. Take a gander:

We went with four different fabrics in the same color scheme, with patterns matching each girl’s personality and tastes. They can use them the day of since they coordinate with the wedding, but they don’t have to. She even personalized the insides with embroidered names!

And, last but certainly not least, our rehearsal dinner invites. I literally searched for “beach rehearsal dinner” on Etsy and found twopoochpaperie‘s PERFECT design. She added inserts for the time and address of the actual rehearsal, and these are seriously my favorite things EVER.

What have some of your favorite random buys been? Did you get really excited about the accumulating material goods in the final few months, like a good consumer?

*All personal photos


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