I See London, I See France

After the must-have perfume search, my next slightly frivolous purchase was my wedding day underpinnings. I’m blessed by my dress (not by my bod) to not have to don constricting foundation garments or long-line bustiers, so all that I needed was a little pair o’ panties. I started where I always do – online.

Let’s just say I don’t own a ton of lingerie. It makes me nervous, and ends up not being, um… worn very long, so it strikes me as kinda unnecessary. My idea of “sexy panties” are these:




An actual pair of undies I own, and trot out for “sexy nights”/ Image via Target

I wanted something more grown up, feminine, and “special occasion-y, but I was discouraged that all my wedding panty searches were unearthing such finds as these:

Images via Nordstrom: Left and right

Not quite the feel I’m going for. Also, is it just me, or does the one on the left look like something Sookie Stackhouse would wear in one of her fairy dreams?

I headed to Nordstrom last week, determined to knock this purchase off my list. Upon first arriving at the lingerie section, I won’t lie – these are the first offerings I was drawn to:

Image via Nordstrom

But we’re not going out for dinner and a movie – we’re getting MARRIED. So I pressed on.

After a quick walkthrough and a zip through the clearance rack, I purchased a little white pair of panties with cute ruffles on the bum. One and done! Sure, there were a couple of rhinestones on the front… but maybe I could pry them off. I was pretty excited and satisfied with myself. And then I got home, and really took a good look and… these would be way too skimpy for me.

Incidentally, this is when I discovered that Nordstrom will accept practically any return – even wadded-up clearance panties I extract from my purse with a weak, “I promise I didn’t wear these…”

This time, though, the DKNY table caught my eye. And after only one additional shopping trip, I had not one, not two, but THREE potential pair of wedding undernaughties. Whichever two won’t work with my dress, will be coming on our cruise with us.

I loved these, and loved that they had black on them, since Mr. LF lovessssss black.


Image via Nordstrom

I bought these both in pink and nude. But since I’m not 100% on exactly what will show through my dress (I’m guessing nada, but who knows? I don’t want to have to go commando on my wedding day) – I also picked these up:

Image via Nordstrom

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my haul. I’m also really excited that I now have my full “details” bag packed and ready to go – undies, perfume, bracelet, hairpiece, and grandma’s hanky for my stowed-away “something old.”

Did you have a hard time finding wedding-day underwear? Or are you slightly more mature than me?


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