Scent of a Woman

A wedding-day fragrance wasn’t exactly high on my list of priorities — at least not until I started reading past posts by such blogger bees as Miss Beagle, Miss Apple, Ms. Sloth, and Mrs. Pencils. Then, all of a sudden, I was all, “OMG I need to find my wedding-day signature scent like NOW!”

I’ve never worn fragrance. I used to dabble in my mom’s Navy and Anais Anais, and slip my grandmother’s Chanel No. 5 out of her dresser when she wasn’t looking, but aside from playing around and wearing vanilla essential oil every day for like two straight years in college, I’m just not a perfume kinda girl. Lots of scents remind me of old ladies in my family, or give me headaches, or smell like hippies. Nothing against hippies – I just don’t want to smell like on on my wedding day… or… ever.

So I started my search at Nordstrom’s perfume counters, with this ever-so-helpful request: “I saw a bottle at Sephora that made me think the perfume probably smelled nice, so I’ll know it when I see it.” After getting funny looks on my third trip around, and having sprayed myself with something really powdery and flowery, I moved onto Sephora. If you think Nordstrom’s is overwhelming, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

That day, I smelled more stuff than I can remember, and went away with a sample of Thierry Mugler Angel. The first day I wore it, I hugged somebody and noticed her going, “Oooof” and crinkling up her nose as I turned to greet somebody else. Yeah… not the one for me.

Back it was to Sephora, this time armed with a list of recommendations from their site’s fragrance finder, mostly from the “white floral” line. Since I’m getting married outside, I did want something vaguely floral. Just not sock-me-in-the-face floral. I sniffed all of them, and liked Marc Jacobs Woman and Tocca Florence the best out of the bottle, so I spritzed one on each wrist, walked away with samples, and proceeded to smell myself all day long. It’s really awkward when you get caught doing that at work.

The winner?

Image via Sephora

Marc Jacobs Woman. On their site, it’s described as “Marc Jacobs reinterprets Gardenia.” Its notes are gardenia, wild muguet*, skin musk, cedar, and ginger. It’s style is described as “lush and watery all at once” – whatever that means.

On me, it smells like musky powder and fresh ocean water and the slightest whiff of flowers. How did it win out?

1. I was overwhelmed with scents when I returned from that second Sephora shopping trip, so I tried scrubbing the Tocca and Marc Jacobs off my arms. The Tocca completely went away. The Marc Jacobs stayed – albeit slightly milder – and I still smelled it after the whole day and a 30-minute workout.

2. I sprayed it on myself and let Mr. LF smell, and his eyes lit up. “OOH! I *like* that. It smells very clean.”

A clear winner in my book.

Did you always plan on sniffing out a wedding-day fragrance? Or was it a last-minute must-have for you? What are some of your favorite day-to-day fragrances — because seriously, owning perfume makes me feel very adult and I might want to start doing this in real life.

*lily of the valley… I think.


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