Paper Cuts: Guestbook and Reserved Signs

I’ve been quite the busy bee, hive, with my border punches and my pewter ribbon. I’ve been knocking out projects left and right, and I’m so far feeling pretty good about my ability to meet the goal of getting everything done by the week of the wedding.

First up, the guestbook sign. I was inspired by Miss Parasol’s sweet guestbook sign, and whipped up our own little version in just a few minutes.

Next was finding the right picture frame to house it. After trying out a couple of too-big options around the house, I randomly stopped by Goodwill on my way home from work last week, and — lo! I found The Right One as soon as I turned down the frame aisle.

Add some spray paint, some gray paper in one of the shades used throughout the wedding paper goods, and some lace border punch, and we have our guestbook sign.

(It’s signed our last name there at the bottom — aka “The Ladyfingers” — but I blurred out the actual name for privacy’s sake)

Then, another project that just took about 30 minutes to put together. I used the same font from our cards and guestbook sign (and which also appears on our farewell bell tags, coming to you at a later date) – Chevalier – and made these really plain and simple. Again with the lace border punch, some more gray paper, and the pewter ribbon that made an appearance in our invitation suite, and sheBANGS!

I’m optimistic our catering staff will be able to do a better bow than me in the back… 

Finally, I bought our paper mache initials at Joann for our reception decor initials, and did a quick mockup of the pieces using the paper flowers I’d already made. And such super awesome news — I only have 10 more paper flowers to make before we can finish this baby up, and then just about 40 more for the programs. Yahoo! We have JUST ENOUGH scored strips on the ready to get both of these babies finished, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel on the paper flower tip. And thank goodness, because they are a pain. Want a sneak peek?

Knocking all these projects out really cements the wedding look in my mind, and I’m getting super excited to see everything working together. In the beginning, when I was dreaming up vague themes and color schemes, I wasn’t really sure I could pull this off. I thought it would look like a carnival — and not like a fun, quaint, vintage carnival with candy apples and dreamy trapeze artists. More like the carnival that occurs when one slaps together a pastiche of every idea ever culled from a wedding blog, ever. But hark! The vision is coming together, and I’m thrilled with how it’s all jibing.

Did you find yourself sparked by a newfound enthusiasm after completing just a few projects in a row? Did your wedding-day vision elude you at first and start gelling closer to the date?

*All personal photos


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