One of These Things Might Not Be Like the Other One: The Wedding-Day Look

The dress is being hemmed and tucked. The shoes are safely hidden away on a top closet shelf. My jewelry has arrived.

Oh, yeah. Check out my bracelet.

Personal photo

I spent agonizing hours searching for the perfect jewelry. I looked at necklace after necklace. I considered clip-on earrings for my non-pierced ears, or converting regular earrings to do the job. Finally, after deciding against none of those, I scoured Etsy and divided my finds into 3 categories: gold and delicate, rhinestone bling factory, and this subset of floral collage cuffs. Etsy seller TattyChic whipped this design up in one night, hive, and made it live and shipped it in just one more night. I’m so, so happy, and consider it a good choice when I have to restrain myself from donning something before the wedding.

Anyway. Now that I’ve made all my attire purchases and collected hair and makeup inspiration pics to discuss with my stylist at our September trial, I’m left with a big fat burning question: Does my hair piece still work with this look?


OK. The hairpiece: I bought it with the dress in January. It was kind of an impulse buy, because the consultant put it on my head and, together with the dress, the vision clouded my judgment a bit. It’s not that I don’t love it. It’s just that I bought it before my vision was fully formed, and now I’m not sure it fits with everything else.

Here’s a mini inspiration board showing my dress, shoes, and bracelet, along with some leading hair and makeup inspiration pics.

Image sources, clockwise from top left: TattyChic, Alfred Angelo,

Style Me Pretty/Robert Rios Photography,, Weddingbee/Belathee Photography

Now, the offending hairpiece.

Personal photos

It’s not that I don’t love it. I really do, and it’s exactly what I want in my hair the day of — sort of. My concern is the feathers make it a bit too modern or glam — or even too “Old Hollywood” — for the “romantic garden” look I’ve built with everything else. However, it does have some small rhinestones and pearls, so it echoes elements of the bracelet and the shoes, too. And, I don’t know… feathers, birds, gardens. It might work. Perhaps I’m being picky.

So, what do you think, hive?

  • Keep the hairpiece! It goes perfectly with the rest of your look.
  • The feathers don’t work with the rest of the look – try to find something similar sans Tweety parts.
Did you struggle with “finishing” your wedding day look?


One thought on “One of These Things Might Not Be Like the Other One: The Wedding-Day Look

  1. Morgan says:

    Not sure about the feathers matching. LOVE the bracelet!

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