Signed, Sealed, Ready to Be Delivered: The Ladyfingers Invites

PHEW! After three months of envelope lining, belly-band gluing, cardstock-cutting, and fancy-address writing, these invites of ours are ready to GO. I originally planned to hold off on a reveal until after they’d been sent away to our out-of-town guests, but what the hey.

You’ll remember in my previous post that I was stressing big time about getting these things done, and about little pokie things here and there that just made me nervous. Well, one of the manyMANYmany things I love about writing for you, hive, is that it motivates me to get things done. The last thing I want to do is go on and on whining about my inability to just buy stamps already, and I really didn’t want to face you a month from now and say we were running behind. Plus, our 100 day mark came and went last week (!!!), so I made it a personal goal to power through and get these things done by that date.

So here we have it – Ye Olde Ladyfingers’ Invites.

Mr. LF is a huge Yankees fan, so in the interest of perhaps getting a signed something-or-other or something else snazzy – and, selfishly, the purposes of having a demo invite to show you – we’re inviting all 25 players from the Yankees’ active roster. Also, love my stamps? Yeah, I do too. They’re the new-ish Garden of Love stamps. I heard so many horror stories about polar bear stamps and the whatnot, so I steeled myself for having to order these online – but our main PO not only carried them, but gave me the EXACT number I needed! Seriously, they’re so pretty. I could stare at our stamps all day.

But moving on!

I just had to show off the custom address stamp from Etsy seller NoteTrunk. I sadly had to blur out a lot of the details, but I love how simple they are, and the slightly messy typewriter style.

So now, when the Yanks – and the rest of our guests – open our envelope, they’ll see…

A ream of hot-pink paper from Xpedx Graphics and a little paper cutter, and in one night I was able to knock out 50 envelope liners. Easy as pie. Our colors are gray, pink, and yellow, and I wanted that pop of color to take the vintage style of the invites to a more modern level. And there’s our little satin-y belly band poking out…

Ta-da! The belly band displays our wedding website, so guests can check out where they’ll be staying, how to get to us, etc. I LOVE how these turned out – the satin-y ribbon looks so elegant to me, and I lovelovelovelove the color. Love.

Speaking of love, let’s take a closer look at the invite itself.

Look-it what our Designer Mama came up with!! She took my inspiration and ran with it, crafting something simple but different, with vintage and modern elements, and a clean, nice design. When I first showed Mr. LF the invite proof, he exclaimed “It looks like a rock poster!” Indeed.

And the RSVP card. Again, simple, simple. I love the stylized “M.” We’re doing a buffet, so no meal choices, and since we’re only inviting adults but didn’t have a “guest names” type of belly band, here’s where we’ll indicate how many of them get to come. I did end up adding tracking numbers to the RSVP cards – even though there are only 50, I wanted to make it easier on us should anybody return the card sans name. Also, it had the added benefit of being able to double check my work as I went – I alphabetized and numbered each guest in Excel, and numbered the RSVP cards accordingly. That way, if I had numbered cards left over, I’d know I’d missed somebody.

So there are the Ladyfingers Invites! I’m so grateful that our friend put her heart and soul into this – it meant so much to us that she was a part of the day in this particular way. And the DIY touches just added a little bit of that uniqueness to the mix, so I’m extremely glad we went this route – even if it did give me a headache walking in to a batch of half-done ribbon belly bands every time I came home.

Were you as relieved as I was to get these suckers out the door? And did you totally have to sit on your hands to keep yourself from sending them out early, as I am finding myself having to do?


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