Guesting, One, Two … Three? Guesting, One, Two … Three?

Probably the No. 1 best thing about planning a wedding (besides, you know, getting married, but whatever) is getting stuff in the mail. It’s seriously a million times better than shopping in person. I don’t get nearly enough mail, so this whole online ordering thing is really buttering my bread.

Well, we got a very awesome piece of mail just the other day – and that would be our guestbook!

I went near and far with our guestbook ideas. For the longest time, I planned on doing well-wishes cards that guests would fill out and drop in a box/bucket/hat/birdcage. Then, of course, there are the incredible clothesline guestbooks that Miss Parasol is drooling over. Not to mention Mrs. Elephant’s postcard guestbook…

Image via Weddingbee/Mrs. Elephant

… Mrs. Lovebug’s amazing typewriter guestbook…

Image via Weddingbee/Mrs. Lovebug

… and any number of insanely creative, memorable, beautiful ideas for inviting your guests to make a mark on your wedding day.

But at this point in the game, I’m feeling less creative, memorable, and beautiful and more just insane. So I browsed around Etsy for a guestbook option that we could tailor to our wedding. I found a few sellers with beautiful work, but I was less encouraged by their reviews. And then YeLLoLiLY popped onto my radar. Not only did she have some wonderful work – as well as a large portion of offerings with the Duiponi silk cover that I had grown quite fond of – but she could do custom pieces, too. Score!

So I ordered this design in our colors, with some minor modifications.

Image via Etsy seller YeLLoLiLY

And on Monday afternoon, Mr. LF emailed me, “I think our guestbook came!”

Now, please forgive the less-than-well-lit photos, as I was a tad too excited to wait until daylight to start snapping away. But here I present our guestbook – promptly received within two weeks of ordering, and very well-put-together!

Personal photos unless otherwise indicated

I’m still undecided on whether to affix the included front placard, as shown in the second-to-last photo above – I love the unbroken look of the plain cover as is. Both placards do have the wedding date on it but I’ve edited it here to protect the innocent. But hive, I am in love!

Did you end up going lo-fi on your guestbook? Did you even have one? If you’re doing something crazy and awesome, let me know!


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